Wednesday, January 26, 2000

NEWS 2 Updates

Yesterday, NEWS 2 This Morning, At 4, 5, and 6 all had new openings. NEWS 2 at Noon still did not, and I am not sure if NEWS 2 at 11 used the new one either. Also, NEWS 2 updated Lisa Cooley's name in one commercial to Lisa Hill.

Monday, January 24, 2000

NEWS 2 at 4:00

NEWS 2 at 4:00 premiered today with Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark. They are using the old 2 NEWS This Morning music from a few years ago. Ira Joe Fisher does the weather, and they even go to Heather O'Rourke at Metro Traffic for an update on the rush hour commute! And, at 5:00 today, Lisa Cooley introduced herself as Lisa Hill!

NEWS 2 Update

NEWS 2 This Morning's local news break at 7:25am did not use the new opening, and neither did NEWS 2 at Noon. They both used their regular openings. A few minutes before the end of NEWS 2 at Noon, Stephen Clark and Dana Tyler were in the studio talking about what is to come at 4:00 on the new newscast from NEWS 2. And, a few minutes later, a new promo aired about NEWS 2 at 4, with Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark talking, with old 2 NEWS This Morning music, from 1996 and early 1997!

NEWS 2's New News Opening!

This morning at 6am, NEWS 2 This Morning premiered a new opening! It's very nice, looks similar to those nice new commercials, and it says, "From the heart of the tri-state area, street level on 5th Avenue, with Cindy Hsu, Amanda Grove, and Ira Joe Fisher's weather, this is NEWS 2 This Morning." It looks like there is a different background of the city for each anchor. They are also using the new logo, seen in the new commercials. Also, NEWS 2 This Morning has totally blocked out the window again, using the blue background with the CBS 2 logo in the background. More updates to come, including NEWS 2 at 4:00!

Saturday, January 22, 2000

NEWS 2 at 4:00 starts Monday!

NEWS 2 at 4:00 will start Monday, January 24th, with anchors Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark. Originally, Amanda Grove was supposed to anchor along with Dana Tyler, but after some rehearsals, it was decided that Stephen Clark would be the co-anchor. Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark will also anchor NEWS 2 at 6:00pm and 11:00pm, and Jim Rosendfield and Lisa Cooley will do the 5:00 news. It has been rumored that a new NEWS 2 logo will be used, where the font is no longer in italics, and is in a Times New Roman font.

NEWS 2's New Studios

On Monday, NEWS 2 This Morning began to use a brand new studio, called 59B. Behind the two anchors, Amanda Grove and Cindy Hsu, is a giant window which shows what is going on at The Early Show. Camera people, cameras, lights, and other behind-the-scenes things can be seen here! This same studio is also used for NEWS 2 at 11:00. NEWS 2 at Noon, 5:00, and 6:00 are using the same studio as The Early Show. NEWS 2 at 4, beginning Monday, will be using The Early Show's studio as well. For some pictures of the new studio, click here.