Thursday, February 25, 2010

21 Emmy Nominations

The 53rd annual New York Emmy Award nominations are in and here's a look at CBS 2's 21 entries:

EVENING NEWSCAST: Under 35 Minutes
CBS2 News at 11: The Miracle on the Hudson. January 15, 2009. (WCBS-TV). Chris Wragge, Kristine Johnson, News Anchors.
CBS2 News at 11: The Passing of a Broadcast Legend, Walter Cronkite. July 17, 2009. (WCBS-TV). Chris Wragge, Dana Tyler, News Anchors.

CBS2 News at 5: The Miracle on the Hudson. January 16, 2009. (WCBS-TV).Chris Wragge, Kristine Johnson, News Anchors.

Cop Puts Cameraman into Choke Hold. October 28, 2008. (WCBS-TV). Christine Sloan, Reporter; Jim Quodomine, Photographer; Chris McAnerney, Editor.

Flight 1549 Lands in the Hudson River. January 15, 2009. (WCBS-TV). Andrew Friedman, Assignment Manager.

HEALTH/SCIENCE: Program/Special
Race for the Cure. September 6, 2008. (WCBS-TV). Franca Braatz, Executive Producer.

SPORTS PROGRAMMING: Program Feature/Segment
Jets 24/7: Kenyon's Dream. November 23, 2008. (WCBS-TV). William P. Zagger, Executive Producer; Cameron Gordon, Producer; Dominic Savio, Assistant Producer.

That Super Season with Joe Namath. October 25, 2008. (WCBS-TV). Richard Gentile, Bob Parente, Executive Producers.

Summer Streets Campaign. July 27, 2009. (WCBS-TV). Lonnie Quinn, On-Air Spokesperson.

Bulletproof Your Job. November 10, 2008. (WCBS-TV). Bruce Erik Brauer, Creative Services Director; Tim Taylor, Writer/Producer.
Weather Team: Fun Facts. January 24, 2009. (WCBS-TV). Bruce Erik Brauer, Creative Services Director; Lee E. Grossman, Writer/Executive Producer.

Holiday Kids IDs. April 12, 2009. (WCBS-TV). Bruce Erik Brauer, Creative Services Director.

COMMERCIAL – Single Spot
New Jets Stadium Promo. September 4, 2008. (WCBS-TV). Richard Gentile, Producer/Director

Dial 7’s. December 1, 2008. (WCBS-TV). Bruce Erik Brauer, Creative Services Director.
FTI. February 1, 2009. (WCBS-TV). Bruce Erik Brauer, Creative Services Director; Jennifer Bennett Lee, Writer/Producer.

Chris Wragge. January 15, 2009. (WCBS-TV). “Coverage of Flight 1549.”

ON-CAMERA TALENT: Weather Anchor
Lonnie Quinn. March 4, 2009. (WCBS-TV).

ON-CAMERA TALENT: Features Reporter
Scott Rapoport. August 18, 2009. (WCBS-TV). Composite.

Chris Wragge. January 16, 2009. (WCBS-TV). “Miracle on the Hudson.”

Sean Hennessey. October 13, 2008. (WCBS-TV).

EDITOR: Short Form
Robert Sevilla. September 25, 2008. (WCBS-TV). Compilation.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update on Glaros' Baby Girl

CBS 2 News reported the birth of Megan Glaros' girl this morning. Glaros and her husband Lance welcomed Lana into the world Thursday night. Little Lana weighs 6 pounds and measures 17.5 inches long. Mother and baby are said to be doing well.

Below are two pictures from the video:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Glaros Gives Birth

CBS 2 News meteorologist Megan Glaros just tweeted the good news minutes ago:
Welcome to the world Lana! Little girl is gorgeous and healthy!
Glaros spent Wednesday afternoon reporting live in the snow in Montclair, New Jersey.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

20/20 Updates with Ryan and Livingston

Jerry Barmash from NY Media Examiner tweets news that CBS 2 sports anchors Sam Ryan and Otis Livingston will anchor the 11:00pm "20/20 Update" on WFAN SportsRadio 66. This would appear to be the other part of the cross-promotion that began last week when CBS 2 began including the WFAN brand in graphics during sports reports.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Newsroom Renovation Update

Kristine Johnson tweeted this picture of the CBS 2 newsroom yesterday:

Newsroom renovation update: desk pods being assembled now. Some HD monitors up too.
If the remodeling is still on schedule, it should be ready for staffers to move back in about three weeks.

WFAN-Branded Sports Segments

As of Monday, CBS 2 News has been including the WFAN Sports Radio 66 brand in its sportscasts. The WFAN logo appears on the plasma monitor and over-the-shoulder graphics as well as on a new sports ticker/flipper on the bottom of the screen.

This isn't the first time WFAN, a CBS Radio station, has partnered up with CBS 2. During the Jets' playoff run a few weeks ago, CBS 2 News This Morning occasionally had reporters live at the WFAN studio to chat with morning hosts Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason. Carton also co-hosted a Jets playoff special with Sam Ryan. A similar special aired just before the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2008. And CBS 2 relied on WFAN team beat reporters Ed Coleman and Sweeny Murti to cover the Mets and Yankees at spring training last winter.

Ten Years of Eating Fresh and Staying Healthy

Last Friday, CBS 2 News at 5:00 took a look back at Tony Tantillo's ten years on CBS 2. Tantillo began first appeared on the station in January 2000 when "News 2" moved its broadcasts to The Early Show's Studio 59 at 59th and Fifth. His produce tips also appear on other stations but CBS 2 is his home base as he appears live in the studio with his best buys and fresh recipes as well as on location "Dining Deals."

Take a look back at The Fresh Grocer's decade at CBS 2 with this video.