Thursday, August 31, 2000

New York Daily News and the New York Post with information about Brett Haber

New York Daily News and the New York Post each have a story about Brett Haber moving to NEWS 2 at 11:00, and Warner Wolf staying at 6:00. Warner Wolf's contract has been extended through February, 2002. Both papers say it starts in October.

Thursday, August 24, 2000

NEWS 2 This Morning Time/Temperature Logo Changes!

This morning, the time and temperature logo changed! It used to be time on top of temperature, under the CBS 2 logo. It's now next to each other (time on the right) above the CBS 2 logo, and there is a blue background. Pictures will be coming soon!

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Michael Pomeranz Joins NEWS 2!

This morning, Michael Pomeranz anchors NEWS 2 This Morning, with Hazel Sanchez (who is filling in for Cindy Hsu - Cindy Hsu and Todd McDermott will be anchoring a Survivor preview special at 7:30 tonight). The NEWS 2 Info Box was also back! Michael Pomeranz anchored NEWS 2 at Noon with Angela Rae (Angela Rae began NEWS 2 at 5:00 on Monday, and NEWS 2 at Noon yesterday). Pictures coming later this week!

Monday, August 21, 2000

Angela Rae joins NEWS 2! Mike Pomeranz starts Wednesday!

Today at 5:00, Todd McDermott welcomed his new co-anchor: Angela Rae! She's from CBS's WFOR-TV in Miami, Florida. Angela Rae said that she will be doing NEWS 2 at 5:00, and on Wednesday she will begin to co-anchor NEWS 2 at Noon with Mike Pomeranz, who was originally expected to start a week from today, and that he would anchor the morning and noon newscasts with Cindy Hsu. It it not yet known when Mike Pomeranz will begin to do the morning newscasts, if that is still the schedule. Wednesday is the probable start date, but if not, possibly Thursday or Monday! Stay tuned!

Where is the NEWS 2 Info Box?

Where did the NEWS 2 Info Box go? It used to be on the bottom-left corner of NEWS 2 This Morning's screen, with weather, traffic, and sports scores. We don't know exactly when the NEWS 2 Info Box disappeared, but it was around 2 weeks ago. The NEWS 2 This Morning promos with Cindy Hsu and Todd McDermott still talk a little about it, so maybe it's not gone for too long? The NEWS 2 Info Box premiered in late April.

Todd McDermott's Last Morning on NEWS 2

This morning at 6:56, Cindy Hsu said it was Todd McDermott's last morning on NEWS 2. She also said that there's another Todd viewers don't get to see, so they showed some outtakes when they were filming a 15 second promo, which lasted almost 30 minutes! Then they brought in cake, which Cindy Hsu said she had dropped a few times. New morning and noon anchor Mike Pomeranz was also introduced. Starting tomorrow, Mike Pomeranz and Cindy Hsu in the morning, and then Mike Pomeranz and Angela Rae at Noon! Pictures coming soon!

Sunday, August 20, 2000

NEWS 2 Update

Last week was a big week for NEWS 2. Three people left: NEWS 2 At Noon and 5:00 co-anchor Lisa Hill, NEWS 2 This Morning Metro Traffic reporter Clark Logan, and movie critic and reviewer Dennis Cunningham.

On Wednesday, NEWS 2's desk was changed. The new desk now has less of the wood showing on the surface, and that has been changed to a lighter wood color. Other changes include more monitors, and a monitor switching system, which allows the anchors to change what their monitors show. All changes were made for CBS Sports, which will be using the desk for football, and possibly other sports (when the changes were being made, NEWS 2 broadcast from their morning Studio 59B). The desk is used on CBS's The Early Show, NEWS 2 At Noon, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. Tomorrow: Don Piccin could possibly replace Clark Logan as morning traffic reporter, at least temporarily. At Noon, Todd McDermott will probably co-anchor with Cindy Hsu this week. And, it is likely that Angela Rae will co-anchor NEWS 2 at 5:00 with Todd McDermott, starting tomorrow.

New Sports Anchor From Washington, D.C.

This morning's The Washington Post reports that Brett Haber, sports director at WTTG-TV Channel 5, Washington, will be coming to NEWS 2 in September. Brett Haber, who is a New York native, will be doing the 11:00 weeknight sports report. Warner Wolf, a Washington native, will still do the 6:00 sports report on NEWS 2. For more about Brett Haber, including his picture, click here.

Friday, August 18, 2000

Dennis Cunningham and Clark Logan Leave NEWS 2

Yesterday on NEWS 2 at 4:00, NEWS 2 movie reviewer, Dennis Cunningham, said that he was leaving NEWS 2, after over 20 years (he said he joined in 1978)! A few minutes of old video clips were then shown of Dennis Cunningham interviewing many big stars. Also leaving NEWS 2 is Metro Traffic Reporter, Clark Logan. He's been with NEWS 2 for over 2 years, joining when Eileen Marchese Cohen left. Video clips were also shown of Clark Logan's years at NEWS 2 doing traffic in the morning. For more about Clark Logan, click here. I'll have some snapshots of Dennis Cunningham, Clark Logan, and Lisa Hill leaving coming soon!

Thursday, August 17, 2000

Lisa Hill Does Her Last NEWS 2 At Noon

At the end of NEWS 2 at Noon, Cindy Hsu told viewers that it was Lisa Hill's last NEWS 2 at Noon show, but she will do NEWS 2 at 5:00 today and tomorrow, and NEWS 2 at 11:00 tomorrow night. Cindy also said that she will be back in January, 2001. Also at the end, they had a graphic with two hearts which said, "Good Luck Lisa, from everyone at News 2!" If there is any special farewell to Lisa Hill tomorrow, I'll put pictures on my website this weekend.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

More On Mike Pomeranz

As reported earlier, Mike Pomeranz will be joining NEWS 2 as morning and noon co-anchor with Cindy Hsu, starting the last week of this month. Mike Pomeranz comes from FOX's WFLD-TV in Chicago. Before he began his television career, he played five seasons of professional baseball, as pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs and Baltimore Orioles, but a shoulder injury ended his career. More information on Mike Pomeranz can be found here.

Another New Anchor Joins NEWS 2

Last Thursday, The New York Daily News reported the following:
WCBS/Ch. 2 continues to add to its on-air roster. The news operation has hired Chicago anchorman Michael Pomeranz to handle morning and noon anchor shifts with Cindy Hsu. Pomeranz joins the station the last week of this month after three years at Chicago's WFLD-TV, where he was also a morning and afternoon anchor. Pomeranz is the latest in a string of recent hires at Ch. 2 as the station attempts to shore up its newscasts under the direction of news director Joel Cheatwood.

It appears as if Mike Pomeranz will co-anchor NEWS 2 This Morning and NEWS 2 at Noon with Cindy Hsu, starting August 28th, and Todd McDermott and Angela Rae will only co-anchor NEWS 2 at 5:00 (Angela Rae starts this Monday).

Wednesday, August 2, 2000

Robyn Carter on NEWS 2 at 4:00!

Robyn Carter began her newest assignment as NEWS 2 entertainment reporter for the 4:00pm and 11:00pm newscasts. Below are pictures of Robyn Carter's debut on NEWS 2, as well as pictures from the Robyn Carter commercials:

Lisa Hill Leaves Later This Month, But Will Return In A Few Months!

Mike has just informed me that Lisa Hill, NEWS 2 at Noon and 5:00 co-anchor, got married on New Year's Day 2000, and found out she was pregnant a few weeks later (she's having a son next month). Lisa Hill will be leaving on Friday, August 18th on maternity leave, then Angela Rae will take her place at noon and at 5:00. But, Lisa Hill has said that she will come back to NEWS 2 a few months later! Now we don't know if Angela Rae will stay at NEWS 2, or if she'll go back to WFOR Miami, when Lisa Hill comes back. We'll have to wait and see.

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Picture of Angela Rae

Kevin from Delaware Valley Media Watch has sent me a picture of Angela Rae, who will be starting on NEWS 2 at Noon and at 5:00 sometime this month. This is from the CBS 4 News (WFOR-TV Miami). Also, here are some pictures from WFOR-TV's website.

Robyn Carter Begins At NEWS 2 Tomorrow

Commercials on CBS 2 have announced that entertainment reporter, Robyn Carter, will be on NEWS 2 starting tomorrow. She was recently on FOX 5's "Good Day NY" and the "10 O'Clock News". For more information on Robyn Carter, click here.