Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Welcome Back Ira Joe!

Today on CBS 2's "The News at Noon", Ira Joe Fisher made his first appearance in over four weeks. He had to have knee surgery on January 30th after slipping on ice the night before. He has been on the phone twice for "New York Live!"; first on February 7th, and the second time on the 21st. At Noon, Ira Joe Fisher stayed at the news desk, rather than walking over to the chroma-key screen for the weather, and Michael Pomeranz gave Ira a "Welcome Back Home" cake. At 4:00, Ira didn't walk much because he said he need crutches. He was standing up quite a few times though. I'm sure everyone is hoping Ira Joe Fisher's knee heals completely very soon!

Thursday, February 22, 2001

CBS 2's Fulfilling The Dream

Thursday, 2/22/01, 7:30pm CBS 2's Fulfilling The Dream
CBS 2's annual February program, Fulfilling The Dream, honors individuals or organizations that actively contribute to the community. Every year during the month of February, CBS 2 runs 30 second commercials spotlighting 10 different honorees. Then after the four weeks, Channel 2 airs a special half-hour program. Friday, March 2nd is when CBS 2 will air "Fulfilling The Dream" at 7:00pm. Click here for more information on the 2001 honorees.

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Ira Joe Fisher Returns Next Week

Ira Joe Fisher was live on the phone today at 4:00 during CBS 2's "New York Live!". He confirmed that he's coming back to CBS 2 Wednesday, February 28th as weatherman for the Noon and 4:00 broadcasts. On January 29th, Ira Joe slipped and fell on the ice while walking his dog, and had knee surgery the next day. This is the second time he joined anchors Dana Tyler and Todd McDermott on the phone, the first time was on February 7th.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Stephen Clark Reports on CBS 2!

It's been almost two months since Stephen Clark had to leave CBS 2, and he's been working at CBS Newspath since early last month. He hasn't appeared on Channel 2 since his departure, but it appears as if CBS 2's news director Joel Cheatwood changed his mind. Today Stephen Clark reported the top story from Washington, D.C. on "The News at 5:00"! Will we see more of Stephen in the future? Stay tuned!

Elevation Of An Archbishop

Tomorrow morning CBS 2 will come on the air at 4:30 with live coverage of the elevations of Archbishop Edward Egan, Father Avery Dulles, and Archbishop Theodore McCarrick to Cardinals. John Slattery will be reporting live from Rome.

Sunday, February 18, 2001

CBS 2's Website Gets New Look

CBS 2's website,, just got a new look! It now looks much nicer and is easier to navigate. The new site also brings the resources of the CBS 2 Information Network together on the main page. The last time the website got a new look was September 15th.

Friday, February 16, 2001

News You Can Use

Today on "The News at 5:00", CBS 2 premiered a new segment. It's called "News You Can Use", and it's with US News & World Report, a partner in the CBS 2 Information Network. Same music and similar animation as "CBS 2 Reports".

Friday, February 9, 2001

New "Breaking News" Graphics

Today on The News at 6:00, CBS 2 premiered new graphics for breaking news. The graphics premiered first at around 6:05, with the four CBS 2 chimes playing before the graphics were shown. An update of the breaking story from Chopper 2 about 10 minutes later used the graphics once again. Here a few snapshots of the new graphics:

Aimee Nuzzo Promoted

The New York Post reports today that CBS 2 reporter Aimee Nuzzo has been promoted to New Jersey reporter.
(Thanks to Brian for telling me about the article!)

Thursday, February 8, 2001

CBS 2 Complaint Department

A few days ago, began running ads for people to tell CBS 2 of their grievances. The logo inlcuded on the page was "CBS 2 Reports". Now WCBS appears to have renamed the upcoming feature to be called the "CBS 2 Complaint Department". The website now says, "The CBS 2 complaint department wants to know what ticks you off. What are the major aggravations in your day? Is it traffic, the phone company, bad customer service? We'll try to get answers for some of your problems. Your frustrations may be a future story!" Click here for the CBS 2 Complaint Department page.

Changes to "The News This Morning"

This morning at around 6:50, CBS 2 aired a "Blockbuster Entertainment Report". I find this a bit strange since is a partner in the CBS 2 Information Network, and CBS 2 has Entertainment Reports in other newscasts.

Another change was a CBS 2 Information Network news update. During a report ("A Morry Story") at 6:55am, CBS 2 had a graphic on the bottom of the screen changing between a few stories. On the bottom-left, in the shape of the "Info Box", the partners' logos appeared. The four partners that provided news headlines this morning in that graphic were CBS MarketWatch, CBS HealthWatch, The Daily News, and CourtTV.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001

One The Phone: Ira Joe Fisher

Today at 4:00 on "New York Live!", Dana Tyler and Todd McDermott talked live for a few minutes with Ira Joe Fisher, who was on the phone. Over a week ago, Ira Joe slipped on ice while walking his dog, requiring surgery on his knee cap. He said he was doing well, thanks to his wife and children. It may take weeks, even months, before Ira returns to CBS 2's "The News at Noon" and "New York Live!". I know that CBS 2 viewers and fans hope Ira quickly recovers and returns to his weather anchoring duties soon.

Monday, February 5, 2001

No More "Sports Rap Live"

CBS 2's weekly sports program, "Sports Rap Live", seems to have been canceled. Weekend sports anchor Gary Apple used to anchor the half-hour program, which aired Sunday nights at 11:35. "Sports Rap Live" was not on last night, and has been taken off of the CBS 2 Schedule at
(Thanks to kroc1 at the EE TV News Message Board.)

CBS 2 Extends Storm Watch Coverage

CBS 2 will begin "The News This Morning" a half-hour earlier tomorrow morning, at 4:30am. Michael Pomeranz and Lisa Hill are the anchors, Tony Pann is the meteorologist, and Carrie Lee is the Metro Traffic reporter.

Emily Frances Leaves

All last week, reporter Emily Frances was not doing her live reports for The News This Morning on CBS 2. Instead, Annika Pergament was the live morning reporter. Now Brian tells me that Emily Frances's biography was removed at It looks like she has left the station.

Friday, February 2, 2001

CBS 2 Investigates - Starting Monday

In an effort to better expose and explore the issues affecting viewers in the tri-state area, CBS 2 has formed an Investigative Unit headed by noted New York reporters Marcia Kramer, Vince DeMentri and Lou Young. The reports, dubbed “CBS 2 Investigates,” are set to start on Monday, February 5th, and will appear in all CBS 2 Newscasts.
CBS 2 began doing "CBS 2 Investigates" reports a few weeks ago, but it looks like as if this will be a major part of CBS 2's newscasts. For more information, go to the CBS 2 Press Releases page.