Thursday, April 24, 2014

Morrison Cleared of Criminal Charges

Rob Morrison, the former co-anchor of CBS 2 News This Morning and CBS 2 News at Noon, has been cleared of criminal charges after finishing a domestic violence program, according to the Darien Times, Daily News and New York Post. Today in a Stamford court, Morrison was allowed to withdraw his guilty pleas of charges of threatening and disorderly conduct.

Morrison was arrested in February of last year, accusing of choking his wife, then-CBS Money Watch reporter Ashley Morrison. He allegedly told the police, "I can’t go home tonight man, I’m f–king killing her!"

Days later, he "resigned" from the station, leaving his $300,000-a-year job, according to the Daily News, then publicly blamed his wife.

The two are now back together and say their eight-year-old son is "mostly unscathed."

Monday, April 21, 2014

Alex Denis Returns

Alex Denis returned from maternity leave this morning. But she didn't go back to being the traffic reporter.

When Denis went on leave in the winter, Jill Nicolini, who had been doing WLNY's "The Couch," took over her CBS 2 News This Morning traffic duties.

Now Denis appears twice a morning with a new segment called "Now Trending."

She joins Lisa Kerney in returning from maternity leave to a much reduced role. Kerney had been one of the three anchors of "The Couch" in addition to morning sports on CBS 2 but, after giving birth, was back to just sports. (Kerney left CBS 2 for ESPN a few months later.)

Denis herself replaced Katie McGee as morning traffic reporter in January 2012 while McGee was on vacation for over one week.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Diane Macedo Joins CBS 2

As we reported last month, Fox Business anchor Diane Macedo joined CBS 2 this week as a reporter and weekend morning anchor.  Macedo joins anchor/reporter Andrea Grymes at the desk.  Cindy Hsu, who had been doing weekend mornings and evenings, remains at weekend evening anchor and weekday reporter.

Meteorologist Vanessa Murdock also returned from maternity leave after giving birth to a girl in January.  She filled in for John Elliott during the week before taking back her weekend morning weather duties, which freelancer John Marshall had returned to fill.

Monday, February 17, 2014

NY Post Whines About Mobile 2

The New York Post's Phil Mushnick must've seen Mobile 2 for the first time the other day.

After making some sort of joke about Benny Hill, Looney Tunes and Three Stooges music, he writes:
We’ll pick it up with studio co-anchor Mary Calvi, about to throw it to field reporter Weijia Jiang, who was driving a car — trying to drive a car — on Staten Island while she alternately looked at the road and shot glances at the camera operator in the passenger seat.
Ch. 2 proudly and generously refers to this setup as “Mobile 2.”
Calvi, having noted that conditions are dangerous, introduced Jiang as “trying to maneuver around all these problems.”
Stop right there. That’s one way to look at it. The other way was to believe your eyes, to deal with the more self-evident — she and Ch. 2 apparently were trying to create even more problems!
What Jiang reported while she needlessly drove on — and apparently sought out — dangerously iced roads on SI could have just as easily and far more sensibly been reported from the studio: “Be very, very careful if you’re driving or even walking!”
Yes, Mobile 2 is largely a gimmick, but it also shows a live view that had never really been seen, at least when it debuted a few years ago.

And Mushnick's claim that the road conditions could have easily been reported from inside the studio is laughable. What's the point of television news if it can't show you the news?

That would be no better than a newspaper columnist who's staying inside.

(Thanks to Mike for sending in this link.)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Diane Macedo Joining As Weekend Morning Anchor

Looks like CBS 2 will be welcoming yet another fresh face:

Macedo is a reporter at Fox Business Network.

Weekend mornings have been anchored by both Cindy Hsu and Andrea Grymes.

(Thanks to IceManNYR on TV News Talk for pointing this out.)

Monday, February 3, 2014

"New and Improved Mobile 2"

CBS 2's anchors have been promoting enhancements to the Mobile 2 vehicles, which can broadcast live while driving. It's been called the "new and improved Mobile 2, equipped with even more high-tech features." They neglect to explain those new features.

It appears that instead of a single camera held by a photographer in the passenger's seat, there are now two cameras mounted: One facing the reporter in the driver's seat and another, operated by the photographer, facing forward to show the road.

It's unclear whether two mounted cameras are the extent of the "more high-tech features."

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lisa Kerney Leaves CBS 2

Today was Lisa Kerney's last day at CBS 2.  She tweeted the news this morning:
She also tweeted at around the same time that she was headed to ESPN, according to NewsByte2 reader Brian, but quickly deleted that message.

Kerney joined CBS 2 in January 2012 as morning sports anchor in time to cover the Giants' appearance in the Super Bowl.  She, along with John Elliott and newcomer Carolina Bermudez, were the three original hosts for WLNY's "The Couch" when the show premiered that July.  She lost that position while on maternity leave this past summer to Jodi Applegate, who herself left shortly after this blog reported on her arrival.  The third host is now Jill Nicolini, who just recently joined the program as its traffic anchor.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tamara Leitner Leaves

NewsByte2 reader Jeffrey noticed today that Tamara Leitner's bio has been removed from

Leitner joined CBS 2 in April as an investigative reporter but had increasingly been given general assignment stories.  She had not been seen on the air since early last month.

She had previously served as the investigative reporter at KPHO in Phoenix, a station she had been at since 2002. There she went by the name Tammy Leitner.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Changes to WLNY's "The Couch"

When WLNY debuted its 7-9 a.m. broadcast "The Couch" in July 2012, it was hosted by weathercaster John Elliott, sportscaster Lisa Kerney and former Z100 radio personality Carolina Bermudez. While Kerney and Bermudez both took maternity leaves toward the end of the summer, the station brought on former PIX 11/News 12 Long Island/Fox 5 anchor Jodi Applegate to fill in. Now, as both women have returned from their respective leaves, it appears Applegate has replaced Kerney on the morning show.

The show also bid farewell to Katie McGee two weeks ago.  She said her husband was taking a job in Los Angeles with the NFL Network so she's going to look for work there.  McGee first joined CBS 2 in October 2002 and reported on entertainment primarily for the morning newscast until "The 2 Crew" was removed in early 2006.  She rejoined when the station went HD in April 2007 as the morning traffic reporter, a position which she held until January 2012 when Alex Denis took over, sending McGee at first to 5:00 p.m. entertainment reporter until joining WLNY's "The Couch" in the summer of 2012.

WLNY's other newscast at 9:00 p.m. also saw changes this year with Dick Brennan and Alice Gainer taking over the anchor desk after its previous anchors became exclusive to CBS 2: Chris Wragge left for the mornings and Dana Tyler remained at 6:00.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sandy Anniversary Promos

CBS 2 has been airing "Reporting Sandy" promos since last week to mark tomorrow's first anniversary since the destructive storm. They feature the anchors, weathercasters and select reporters looking back at the challenges Sandy brought.

Kristine Johnson, Chris Wragge, Maurice DuBois, Dana Tyler and Mary Calvi:

John Elliott:

Christine Sloan, Carolyn Gusoff, John Slattery and Cindy Hsu:

Kristine Johnson and Maurice DuBois:

John Slattery, Lonnie Quinn, Carolyn Gusoff, Emily Smith and Cindy Hsu:

Chris Wragge and Mary Calvi:

Weijia Jiang, Cindy Hsu and Jennifer McLogan:

Kristine Johnson:

Elise Finch, John Elliott, Lonnie Quinn and Vanessa Murdock:

Update: A few more:

Carolyn Gusoff, Tony Aiello and Christine Sloan:

Kristine Johnson and Maurice DuBois: