Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guzman: "I'm going to be OK"

Just as he did two months ago, Pablo Guzman made a blog entry to update viewers and visitors on his health. It's a must-read for everyone and serves as a good lesson for us all when it comes to our health. He says he started having chest pains Sunday morning and again on Monday but it wasn't until Tuesday morning that he decided to do something about it:
Wait: Angela, my daughter, would be forever haunted if I died at home. And my son, Daniel, my wife, Debbie...I don't want to die! I want more years with these people! I love them too much!

I made a promise to God, and to my dad in heaven, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles --- OK! This time I'll call the doctor, OK? Only, please give me the strength to take a shower first. I don't want these people thinking, boy, those TV guys sure smell.
And he made it just in time. He was falling asleep when his doctor yelled "Stay with me, Pablo! Come on, Pablo! I don't want to lose you!" The self-described not-exactly-an-exercise-freak had 99 percent blockage in one artery and was told, "We thought we might lose you."

It's comforting to see that Guzman still has his sense of humor. The Bronx Bombers notes in parentheses when talking about his doctor, Mark Applebaum, that he is "a Yankee fan, it turns out."

While he's recovering now at Columbia-Presbyterian, he does have 70 percent blockage in another artery.

He ended this post just as he did his first one -- by thanking the people who saved his life.
I'm going to be OK. Thanks, Lord. And all you medical pros who chipped in. Gracias.

Newsroom Adds High Def Monitors

It looks like CBS 2's newsroom has undergone recent renovations. The bank of 12 monitors displaying the competition and other feeds has been replaced by six high definition screens, the top three of which are separated into quarters. Check out the snapshots below for a comparison.


July 14th:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guzman Recovering After Heart Attack

Veteran CBS 2 News reporter Pablo Guzman is recovering after suffering a heart attack yesterday. Chris Wragge announced at 5:20pm that Guzman is on the road to recovery, and Wragge and Kristine Johnson encouraged viewers to send their well-wishes for Guzman to CBS 2 also reported the news with this article on

Regular CBS 2 viewers will remember that Guzman was injured in a car accident on his way home from work in May. Guzman was off the air for a month recovering from the accident, but fortunately he was not seriously injured.

Viewers can send their get well wishes to Pablo Guzman at by clicking here.

Sneak Peek at Jets Promos

CBS 2's Creative Services has posted the following 15-second promos for Jets football coverage on YouTube:

CBS 2's coverage of the Jets begins August 7th as Gang Green heads to Cleveland in their first preseason matchup.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hsu's 15th Anniversary at CBS 2

Today is Cindy Hsu's 15th anniversary at WCBS-TV.

She joined the station on this date in 1993 as a reporter before becoming a weekend anchor the following year. In the summer of 1996, Hsu was promoted to mornings, she outlasted several co-anchors and format changes. She was also anchoring the noon newscast until August 2000, which was typically the station's only #1 broadcast. Hsu left mornings in 2001 when Channel 2 started out a 4:00 show, becoming its news anchor and regular fill-in while also returning to the noon. In March 2002, she became co-anchor of the 4:30 and 5:30 newscasts, until September 2003 when she moved to 5:00, staying there until the following April. She remained on as noon co-anchor until April 2006, when the station once again shuffled lineups, and moved to weekend mornings for the next 12 months. Hsu began doing parenting reports in October 2004, then branded as "Parent 2 Parent" and now called "Family First."

According to her bio, Hus has won many awards, including Emmy Awards, the New York AP Broadcasters Award, the American Women in Radio and Television Golden Apple Award and the Friends of Adoption Award from the Adoptive Parents Committee. She is also very involved in the community and the Daily News reports today that Hsu will be at Shea Stadium with Lonnie Quinn tomorrow to kick off the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's "Walk to Cure Diabetes."

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Morning Changes?

Today, Priya David filled in for Mary Calvi on CBS2 News This Morning alongside Steve Bartelstein. David is a CBS News reporter who can be seen on the Early Show and occasionally on the CBS Evening News. It was not clear if she was trying out for the job or just filling in because CBS2 was short-handed. In a funny moment, David smiled while talking about the Yankee's loss against Toronto. Bartelstein reminded her that she shouldn't look too happy about it.

The Saturday Early Show was anchored by Chris Wragge, Lonnie Quinn, and CBS2 Alum Andrea Stassou, who is the current fill-in host of CBS Up to the Minute. Stassou was at CBS2 until November 2006. Also, BMX Star Mike Spinner was one of the guests, doing stunts on the plaza. CBS2's Lonnie Quinn tried to replicate them with mild success.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Difference At 6

In the wake of The Weather Channel shakeup, the 6PM weathercast has a unique characteristic. It is the only forecast to still hold The Weather Channel's logo in the upper right hand corner. This seemed to be an error on Monday, but the logo reappeared today only on the 6, and may continue be there for the near future.

Also, today at Noon, Dana Tyler anchored solo. Alexis Christoforous was off, but CBS News Reporter Alison Harmelin filled in to do MoneyWatch. Chris Wragge joined Dana for the 6.

Monday, July 7, 2008

CBS2 HD & The Weather Channel No More

Over the recent weeks, the "CBS2HD and The Weather Channel Forecast" has become the "CBS2HD Forecast" on-air, but The Weather Channel logo had remained intact. However, with today's confirmation of The Weather Channel's sale to NBC Universal, The Weather Channel logo was dropped from the 7 day forecast. A wide shot of the studio also reveals that a CBS2 HDTV logo covers The Weather Channel logo located underneath the plasma in the weather condo.