Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Cindy Hsu at the World Dragonboat Racing Championships

CBS 2 anchor Cindy Hsu will be competing in the World Dragonboat Racing Championships in Philadelphia tomorrow through Saturday. She recently wrote about it in her latest "Cindy in the City" column: "There's a group of women that has changed my life. A bunch of running, weight lifting, motivated ladies who have somehow turned the 'queen of couch potatoes' into a semi-active potato. Thanks to my team 'Women in Canoe', I'm now a dragon boat racer." She first got interested in Dragonboat racing last year, and joined her team shortly after. The New York Post had an article on Cindy and her new interest three weeks ago, and a few days later, CBS 2 reporter Amy Stone did a "Slice of Life" report on it. Good luck to Cindy Hsu and her Women in Canoe team!

More Informaiton on the New Format

Michael has told me that he contacted CBS 2, and found out that the date the new studio premieres has not yet been decided. The volunteers/interns that we previously reported on must be 18 years of age or older. They will answer mail, e-mail and phone calls from viewers and give them to the anchors. It appears as if the viewers will be able to interact with CBS 2 Newscasts by letting them express their opinions and answering their questions. We don't have all the details yet, but more information here as soon as we get more!

CBS 2 Looks for Interactive Volunteers

CBS 2 employees have been posting messages online looking for volunteers for a new interactive feature coming soon to their newscasts. The TV News Message Board post reads, "WCBS (Ch. 2 in New York) is looking for people to volunteer on a phone and e-mail bank that is a new interactive part of its news department. Volunteers would be on the news set and interact with the anchors and production personnel. Good way to learn the business and move up. Call (212) 975-2003 for details." Similar messages have been made at the TV News New York Group and at the WCBS News NY Club. Last week we reported about "The Info Center", where volunteers will work online behind the news desk.
(Thanks to Brian for pointing these posts out to me!)

Tony Pann Leaves This Week

The New York Post reports this morning that meteorologist Tony Pann will leave CBS 2 sometime this week. Tony joined "NEWS 2 Weekend" on June 10, 2000. In September, he moved from weekend evenings to weekday mornings. He is reportedly moving back to Baltimore (he joined CBS 2 from WBAL-TV) to be with his wife, Mary Ellen Pann, who is a meteorologist on WBFF-TV.
(Thanks to Brian for sending me this article!)

Nightcast Zip Code

Michael and Kevin tell me that CBS 2 Nightcast started a new segment last night: "Nightcast Zip Code". In this new feature, the anchors read some information, like where the zip code is located, the population, and an average amount of mail delivered to that zip code daily. Last night the zip code that was featured was 10027 (Harlem). Hazel Sanchez did the "Nightcast Zip Code" report about Harlem last night (Harlem was picked because Former President Clinton moved into his new office space yesterday). To have your zip code featured on Nightcast, go to www.cbsnewyork.com for more information. Kevin and Michael also noticed that the "Nightcast Soapbox" has returned. Last night, Hazel Sanchez (who did both the Zip Code and Soapbox) was asking people for their reaction of Clinton moving into Harlem.

Monday, July 30, 2001

CBS 2 Hires New Reporter from Miami

Brian tells me that the New York Post is reporting, "Ch. 2 is expected to announce that it's hiring a new reporter from Miami - a former news home of Ch. 2 news director Joel "Joltin' Joel" Cheatwood." Brian has done some searching on the internet, and he believes that this new reporter is Whitney Casey from WTVJ in Miami. She has a website located here. CBS 2 has recently hired Kirstin Cole and Cathy Moss as new reporters, and it looks like there's another one coming!

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Studio 43: The Latest Inside Scoop

A source close to CBS 2 has given me some new details on the new studio coming soon, Studio 43. The current plan right now is for CBS 2 to move all newscasts into Studio 43 (at the CBS Broadcast Center on 57th Street) on Monday, August 27th. This move date could be changed, so it's not definite yet. The studio will not be changed too much from what it looked like in March for CBS Sports. The area behind the news desk will be called "The InfoCenter" where employees will be working on computers. Some of these people will be using AOL's popular Instant Messenger service to answer viewer questions and comments about the news. There will also be a staircase in the background, but it is just for show and won't be used. More information as soon as we get it!

Sunday, July 22, 2001

More on Cathy Moss

Kevin has informed me that Cathy Moss, who began reporting for CBS 2 last night, used to report for WCAU-TV in Philadelphia a few years ago. She joined WCAU in late 1999, and left in early 2000. Cathy then went to work for CBS Newspath, based in the New York City region. She also reported on the Elian Gonzalez story last year from Miami.
(Thanks to Kevin for sending me the snapshot of Cathy Moss!)

New CBS 2 Reporter: Cathy Moss

Sunday, 7/22/01, 7:35am New CBS 2 Reporter: Cathy Moss
Keisean tells me that last night at 11:00 on CBS 2 Weekend News, there was a new reporter. Her name is Cathy Moss, and she may have been hired to replace Sukanya Krishnan, who left last week. More information on Cathy Moss as soon as we get it.

Saturday, July 21, 2001

Carrie Lee Leaves CBS 2

Carrie Lee, who has been the Metro Traffic reporter for CBS 2 News This Morning since September 11th, has left CBS 2. She was the official replacement of Clark Logan, who left on August 18th (Don Piccin had been filling in for the month before Carrie came). Rachel Lutzker, who has been doing traffic for CBS 2 News This Morning for the past few weeks, appears to be Carrie Lee's replacement.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

Sukanya Krishnan Leaves CBS 2

Brian tells me that, according to a post on a television news-related message board, Sukanya Krishnan decided to leave the station. Sukanya's bio on cbsnewyork.com has been removed from the main list. Sukanya joined CBS 2 in June 1997 and worked as a General Assignment reporter. According to her bio, "Sukanya has received various community and service awards. She is the first Indian woman to be working in the New York market at a local network affiliate. Sukanya Krishnan was born in Madras, India. She grew up on Staten Island and graduated from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. Sukanya is fluent in Tamil and Spanish. She lives in Manhattan with her husband."

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

CBS 2 InfoMail's First E-mail

This afternoon, just after 5:00, CBSNEWYORK.com sent out the very first "Info Mail" newsletter. The newsletter is sent out in both text and HTML formats, so it looks like a website (with images and links). It started off with a preview of Nightcast, then information on the commute, and the closing numbers on Wall Street. It had David Rogers's five-day forecast, followed by links to five top stories, and ended with other website features (such as "Eat At Your Own Risk" and "Health Watch"). CBS 2 Info Mail is a great way to stay updated on the day's top stories without having to log onto websites, because it's all sent to you via e-mail. To receive the CBS 2 Info Mail, go to CBSNEWYORK.com and click on the Info Mail banner near the top of the screen.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

CBS 2 InfoMail

This morning, CBSNEWYORK.com started the CBS 2 InfoMail. "Let us help you get home quickly and informed. Sign up for CBS 2 InfoMail and you’ll have it all - we’ll give you the latest traffic updates, the closing numbers on Wall Street, and all the top news of the day, each weekday. We’ll also give you a preview of some of the big stories we’re working on." To subscribe, go to CBSNEWYORK.com and click on the InfoMail banner near the top.

Monday, July 9, 2001

CBS 2's Marcia Kramer Reports from Israel

CBS 2’s political reporter, Marcia Kramer, will be traveling to Israel to report on a fact-finding mission headed by New York Senator Chuck Schumer. A New York-based Jewish delegation will also be on hand to discuss pressing issues and their impact on Jewish communities in Israel and New York City.

The schedule includes meetings with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, Mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert and United States Ambassador Martin S. Indyk. CBS 2 will be present during a visit to the potential site of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and will be talking to families of victims of recent violence in the region.

Reports from Israel will be televised on WCBS during the 6PM and 11PM “Nightcast” newscasts on Sunday, July 8th and Monday the 9th.

All reports filed from Israel will also be available online at www.cbsnewyork.com.
(Thanks to Kevin for sending me this article!)

Tuesday, July 3, 2001

Kirstin Cole Reports for CBS 2 Nightcast

Michael tells me that Kirstin Cole did her first report for CBS 2 Nightcast last night at 11:00. "The report was not live and was on a car sales fraud." Kirstin Cole is expected to eventually replace Amanda Grove on CBS 2 Weekend News. Amanda Grove has not anchored the weekend newscast for the past two weekends, although it does appear that she will anchor for at least one more weekend before Kirstin Cole begins.