Saturday, September 30, 2000

Reporters Respond To Posts Regarding Their Stories

The other day, "LouYoung" responded to a post on the CbsNewYork.Com Message Board regarding his story. To read it, click here. This is most likely reporter Lou Young, who reported on this story earlier this week. It would be interesting to see if more reporters reply to messages about their reports.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

"A Morry Story" Returns To News 2!

Today at 5:00, "A Morry Story" returned to News 2! Morry Alter's stories used to be called Morry Stories, but they haven't used that title for the past few years. Today, Morry reported live from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge, to give viewers a great view, and reported about a photographer who loves to take pictures from the tops of bridges. Today was not only historical in that "A Morry Story" came back to News 2, but it was the first ever live shot from the top of the bridge!

Monday, September 18, 2000

News 2 Uses HDTV More

Today at the beginning of News 2 at 4:00, the HDTV was between anchors Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark, who were at the desk. It was only at the desk for the first few minutes of the show, but was used in other parts of the set. At 5:00, anchors Angela Rae and Todd McDermott were standing up (not behind the desk) with the HDTV between them with the top story's graphic on it! It appears as if the HDTV will be used a lot more on News 2.

Friday, September 15, 2000 Has A New Look!, News 2's website, combined with WCBS News Radio 880, and WFAN 660, has a totally new look today! More news, sports, and weather information! Chat about news and sports in the chatrooms and on the message boards. Take a look at the new look today!

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

The Latest on Jaxson Richard Hill

Yesterday on NEWS 2 at 4:00, some more information was given about Lisa Hill's new baby boy. Jaxson Richard Hill was born just past noon on Tuesday, September 12th. He's 6 pounds, 4 ounces, and 20 inches long, and everyone is doing fine. (Thanks to Stephen Clark for the information!)

New Meteorologist Coming To NEWS 2

Both the New York Daily News and the New York Post report that David Rogers will join News 2 on October 8th (that's a Sunday) to be the new weekday meteorologist. David Rogers is currently chief meteorologist at NBC's WKYC-TV 3 in Cleveland, Ohio.

This information was announced on Friday at WKYC's website, and David Rogers says, "I've loved my tenure in Cleveland, the city and its people have been so warm and friendly towards me and my family, we'll definitely miss that most. However, this is my dream job, I've always wanted to work in the top television market and now I'll have the chance." For more information on David Rogers, including his picture, click here.

Jaxson Hill

Today on News 2 at 4:00, Dana Tyler announced that Lisa Cooley Hill had her baby today, and his name is Jaxson Hill (different spelling than we reported last month). No more information was given about the baby, like the height and weight of him. If any more information is given, we'll report it to you! Today is also Stephen Clark's birthday (Happy Birthday!!)! "News 2 New York" would like to say, "Congratulations!" to Lisa Hill, and her husband, Richard Hill!

New Microphone Logo

Today on News 2, I noticed that the "microphone flag" logo was now the newer, more rectangular Channel 2 logo. I'm not sure if this was changed sooner, but I first noticed it today. The change is very slight, and you will have to look very closely to notice it, but it did change!

Monday, September 11, 2000

Two Minor Additions to NEWS 2's Studio

Today on NEWS 2 at 4:00, I noticed that there were two CBS eye logos with the letters "CBS" under each between the big windows outside NEWS 2's street-level studios on Fifth Avenue and 59th Street. These CBS logos were probably added during the weekend.

Also at 5:00, NEWS 2 sometimes had an HDTV screen between the two anchors, Todd McDermott and Angela Rae, with a graphic about the story, or the NEWS 2 logo. NEWS 2 has been using this HDTV since January, but began to use it more often within the last few weeks, on the side of Todd McDermott.

New Morning Traffic Reporter

This morning on NEWS 2, there was a new traffic reporter. Her name is Carrie Lee, and it appears as if she if the official replacement for Clark Logan. Since Clark Logan left on August 18th, Don Piccin has filled in for him.

Wednesday, September 6, 2000

Ernie Anastos Is Coming Back To WCBS

The New York Post, the New York Daily News, and Newsday report that Ernie Anastos will be joining News 2 in either December or January, when his contract with Channel 9 expires. Ernie Anastos worked as anchor from 1989 to 1994 under a five-year contract worth a reported $7 million. Anastos has long been considered one of the city's top two or three most-trusted and best-known anchormen, and has been one of New York's highest-paid anchormen for nearly 20 years. He worked at Channel 7 from 1980 to 1989, when he was lured to Channel 2. He joined Channel 9 in 1996.

"This is a personal decision to return to CBS, where I actually started my TV career as a desk assistant at Ch. 2 when I was a young college student in New York," he said yesterday. It is not yet known which newscasts he will anchor, but it will most likely be News 2 At 6:00 and At 11:00, and it appears Stephen Clark will only do News 2 at 4:00. More news on this as it breaks. For more information on Ernie Anastos, click here.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

New NEWS 2 at 4:00 Format?

This past Thursday, it appears as if NEWS 2 at 4:00 changed their format. The two main anchors don't begin at the main desk with the windows, but in the brown "library" set. The anchors preview the show, then get the weather from Ira Joe Fisher, but then turn to the main desk (now called the "news desk") were one of the 5:00 anchors (Todd McDermott or Angela Rae) has the news. It's not yet known if NEWS 2 at 4:00 will keep this format, or if it's just until Wednesday when Stephen Clark gets back (he's been out since Thursday to spend some time with his daughters before they go back to school).

CBS 2 Reports

Over the past Labor Day Weekend, News 2 began airing promos for "CBS 2 reports", starting tonight at 11:00. It appears as if it will be a new series of investigative reports, airing possibly a few nights a week at 11:00pm. Tonight, CBS 2 reports about New York City buses that are allowed on the streets even though they can be as bad to you as second hand smoke.

Monday, September 4, 2000

CBSNewYork.Com Adds More Bios

Friday, CBSNewYork.Com added more bios to their News 2 Bios. Added are Brett Haber, Todd McDermott, Tony Pann, Michael Pomeranz, Hazel Sanchez, and Amy Stone. Tony Pann's biography says he is the morning weatherman for News 2. He has been filling in a lot for Ira Joe Fisher in the last few weeks, along with Scott Sumner and Chris Silveri. It is not yet known it Tony Pann will remain as weekend meteorologist.