Monday, December 31, 2001

NY Post Article Confirms Anchor Switch Effective on January 7th, 2002

In today's NY Post, an article confirmed the new afternoon/evening anchor lineup since the day-time version of Weakest Link premieres a week from today reducing the amount of airtime for First News. The article reads:
In other local TV news, Ch. 2 is making some timeslot changes with its anchor teams, since it's slicing its 4 p.m. newscast in half to accommodate the 4 p.m. syndicated, half-hour version of "Weakest Link" hosted by George Gray.

Beginning Jan. 7, Angela Rae and Todd McDermott will now anchor from 4:30 to 5 p.m., with Ernie Anastos and Dana Tyler moving from 5 to 5:30 p.m. It will be Rae and McDermott again from 5:30 to 6 p.m., with Anastos and Tyler remaining at 6 p.m.
(Thanks to David for sending me this article!)


Sunday, December 30, 2001

CBS 2 News Reporter to Recieve Post Under Bloomerberg Administration

Sunday, 12/30/01, 12:20pm CBS 2 News Reporter to Recieve Post Under Bloomerberg Administration
According to today's New York Daily News, CBS 2 News reporter Michael O'Looney will be New York City's new deputy police commissioner for public information. O'Looney's post will be closely connected with New York City's new mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and police commissioner, Raymond Kelly.

The article reads:
WCBS-TV/Channel 2 reporter Michael O'Looney will become the next deputy police commissioner for public information, sources said yesterday.

O'Looney will be the second prominent media face in recent years to work as the city police commissioner's chief spokesman. In the early years of the Guiliani administration, WNBC reporter John Miller, now a correspondent for ABC News, held the post under Commissioner Bill Bratton.

O'Looney has worked at WCBS since 1995, and reported for NY1 for three years before that.

O'Looney was tapped for the post by incoming Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, sources said, and will be Kelly's chief liaison with reporters.

Kelly and O'Looney have known each other for a decade, and Kelly attended O'Looney's 1996 wedding to TV reporter Annika Pergament, now a NY1 business anchorwoman.
Congratulations and Good Luck to Michael O'Looney on receiving this very important position!


Thursday, December 27, 2001

WCBS-AM 880: New Radio Home of the New York Yankees

Deals were finalized this afternoon allowing WCBS-AM 880 to air New York Yankees games during the 2002 season. In early November, WCBS-TV became the new local television station to be home of the New York Yankees. Now, WCBS-AM has also received this programming for the radio. The contract between WCBS-AM and the New York Yankees lasts for the next five baseball seasons. Prior to WCBS-AM 880, the New York Yankees had a 21-year history on New York radio with WABC-AM 770. Congratulations to WCBS-AM 880 and the New York Yankees!


CBS 2 News's Coverage of Mayor Giuliani's Farewell Speech

Today, CBS 2 News at Noon began half an hour earlier, interrupting the Price is Right, for a "CBS 2 News Special Report." Cindy Hsu and Michael Pomeranz gave a brief introduction and explanation of Mayor Giuliani's farewell speech today and then went live to St. Paul's Church just blocks from Ground Zero for the speech. After airing the 53-minute speech in its entirety, Marcia Kramer, CBS 2 News political correspondant, provided highlights of a one-on-one interview with the mayor's friend, Judith Nathan. CBS 2 News at Noon then ended at 12:30 after a check of the top stories with Mike and Cindy and the weather forecast.


Wednesday, December 26, 2001

New CBS 2 Individual Anchor Promo: Janine D'Adamo

Last night on CBS 2 Nightcast, a new promo premiered about CBS 2 News This Morning meterologist Janine D'Adamo. The new promo is similar to the recent promos for CBS 2 News This Morning which promise, "A reliable return to business every morning," which also show Lisa Hill and Michael Pomeranz. However, this 30-second promo focuses on Janine and her morning forecast which "New York can rely on." Throughout the promo, Janine is at the weather maps and at the desk with Lisa and Michael. Also, at one point in the promo a graphic is displayed showing Janine and her name as would be used for an anchor intro. CBS 2 has not had anchor intros at the beginning of all of their newscasts in the past several months. However, this promo may be a sign of possible anchor intros to come after the possible changes scheduled to begin on January 7th.


Sunday, December 23, 2001 Design Spreads To LA

The KCBS-TV website explains a new look and location coming January 1st:
As of January 1, 2002, will be taking on a new face and a new name as it officially becomes For uninterrupted news coverage at your fingertips, please be sure to change your bookmarks to
According to Kevin, the new design will be based on that of The KCBS website will have a large banner that will change depending on the page being viewed (for example: the main page's banner has the news team on it). To get your sneak peek of the new design, click here.

Friday, December 21, 2001

More Changes Coming To CBS 2 News?

David has informed me of new information that there may be an anchor change on January 7th. Rumors are circulating that Todd McDermott and Angela Rae will anchor the 4:30 and 5:30 newscasts, while Dana Tyler and Ernie Anastos will anchor at 5:00 and 6:00. This is the first time in nearly four years that a different team will anchor the 5:30pm newscast.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

First News @ 4:30

Brian notified me that CBS 2 has updated their "Weakest Link" press release:
Immediately following, CBS 2 broadcasts FIRST NEWS @ 4:30 PM. Featuring a look at the day’s breaking news and headlines from the tri-state area and around the world, First News @ 4:30 PM remains the only local newscast broadcast in the time period.
It now seems as if the 4:00 newscast will be reduced to a half-hour and will begin at 4:30, on January 7th.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

BREAKING NEWS: First News @ 4:00 To Be Canceled

The promo for "The Weakest Link" has been updated. It now says it will premiere at 4:00pm on January 7th, as opposed to 3:00pm as it had said earlier. This means that CBS 2 First News @ 4:00 will be canceled. Crossing Over will air at 3:00pm, just as it is right now. More on this story as soon as possible.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Michael O'Looney To Report From Israel

Last week, CBS 2 News reporter Lou Young traveled to Israel and reported on the latest developments in the region, including the terrorist suicide bombings and the Israeli retaliation. The reports are titled "Assignment: Israel". CBS 2 continues their committment to the ongoing situation in the Middle East when CBS 2 News reporter Michael O'Looney will report from the area, starting tomorrow. Last month, O'Looney traveled through Europe for a series of special reports called "On The Terror Trail".

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

"Weakest Link" Coming To CBS 2

CBS 2 began airing promos today for "The Weakest Link", which will debut next month. The syndicated version of the popular NBC television game show will premiere Monday, January 7th at 3:00pm. The new daily version will be hosted by George Gray. And according to the commercial, "CBS 2 First News @ 4:00" will follow the program. This appears to disprove the rumors that the nearly-two-year-old 4:00 newscast will be canceled early next year. "Crossing Over with John Edward" currently airs in the 3:00pm slot, and could replace "Martha Stewart Living" at 9:00am. It has been reported that the syndicated version of ABC's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" game show will premiere on CBS 2 in September, along with Dr. Phil McGraw's upcoming syndicated talk show. No word yet on exactly what the new program schedule will look like.

Give What Matters 2 You

J.R. Whalen, Manager of the CBS 2 Information Center in Studio 43, tells me that the Info Center "has been very busy this week." They are helping viewers by giving suggestions for places to volunteer this holiday season. The "Give What Matters 2 You" campaign was launched by CBS 2 last week on its website and on-air. For a list of organizations looking for volunteers in the tri-state area, go to And tomorrow night on CBS 2 News at 5:00, more volunteering suggestions from the CBS 2 Information Center.

Friday, December 7, 2001

Give What Matters 2 You

Yesterday on their website, CBS 2 began a new holiday season campaign called "Give What Matters 2 You". The on-air commercials premiered today. "With their time, expertise, and compassion, New Yorkers are giving what matters most this holiday season and all year long. Check out the tri-state volunteer opportunities listed below and discover 'What Matters 2 You'. Brought to you by the The CBS 2 Information Center working in conjunction with the Mayor's Voluntary Action Center. Established in 1967, the Mayor's Voluntary Action Center provides leadership in mobilizing individuals and organizations - public, private and not-for-profit - to participate in volunteer activities that strengthen communities throughout New York City." The television ads feature CBS 2 News's full team of anchors. This is the first time in three years that CBS 2 has had some kind of holiday campaign. For more information, click on

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Lou Young Reports From Tel Aviv

CBS 2 News reporter Lou Young has just arrived in Israel for his latest series of reports, "Assignment: Israel". Today at noon, he reported live on the phone from Tel Aviv, and he talked about the latest Israeli attacks against the Palestinians. He will report live once again on CBS 2 News at 5:00, and later in the evening on Nightcast at 11:00. For more information on "Assignment: Israel", log on to

Monday, December 3, 2001

Lou Young Travels To Israel Again

This past weekend, over two dozen Israelis were murdered in multiple suicide attacks in Jerusalem and Haifa. To cover the highest tensions in the Middle East in over a year, CBS 2 is sending reporter Lou Young to cover it. Young just returned from the area, including Jerusalem, where his month-long series, "Assignment: Mideast", took him. He will now once again provide live reports and the latest developments from the region beginning tomorrow afternoon. His latest series is called "Assignment: Israel".

Sunday, November 25, 2001

CBS 2 News Sunday Morning

The same team as last week anchored CBS 2's Sunday morning newscast today, Michael O'Looney and Hazel Sanchez. Craig Allen, who has been on this newscast for the past five times, was back again this morning with the weather. Don Piccin had the traffic report.

Friday, November 23, 2001

CBS 2 In The Newsroom

Today on CBS 2 News at Noon and at 6:00, due to CBS Sports using Studio 43, the newscasts were done from the newsroom. There are now three cameras in the newsroom for the event that the newsroom must be used for the newscast. At Noon, Ira Joe Fisher did the weather from Bryant Park. At 6:00, Craig Allen (filling in for David Rogers) was in the weather center while Warner Wolf did sports from outside Madison Square Garden.

"Travel With 2" Recap

Throughout the week, CBS 2 used the Information Center for "Travel With 2," a segment for viewers to call in with their travel questions. Questions were also accepted via e-mail at Robert Sinclair, Jr. and other representatives from The Automobile Club of New York (the local AAA chapter) joined J.R. Whalen and the rest of the Info Center team.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Chopper 2 Returns To The Skies

This morning, Chopper 2 was back in the air reporting on the great getaway for this Thanksgiving holiday. This is the first time it has been overhead New York City since the September 11th attacks. Chopper 2 was also covering the roads and highways this evening on CBS 2 News. The Daily News reports that CBS 2, along with WABC-TV, have received waivers from the FAA. This lets Chopper 2 and "NewsCopter7" fly in areas that WNBC's "Chopper4", WNYW's "Sky Fox", and WPIX's "Air 11" cannot. The reason that Channels 4, 5, and 11 haven't obtained this waiver is because of their pilots' license levels.

CBS Sports Preempts CBS 2 News

Wednesday, 11/21/01, 2:55pm CBS Sports Preempts CBS 2 News
This Thanksgiving holiday, football on CBS will take the place of many CBS 2 Newscasts. CBS Sports will be on the air Thursday from 3:30pm to 7:00pm with a half-hour of "The NFL Today" followed by Denver vs. Dallas. CBS Sports will return Friday afternoon at 2:30 with the SEC on CBS: Arkansas vs. LSU. This is expected to be over by 6:00, which means that CBS 2 News at 6:00 is likely to begin on time.

Monday, November 19, 2001

Robyn Carter On Hollywood Squares

Unfortunately, Robyn Carter lost the four games on Hollywood Squares, which aired on CBS 2 this evening. In game two, she did win a "Secret Square" question for a viewer of the show at home. After she lost the second game, host Tom Bergeron tried to calm Robyn down by telling her, "just relax!" After game three, he said, "the curse of the circle chair continues" (Robyn played "O", and her opponent David Sheehan was "X"). When Robyn took a while to respond to a question, Tom told her, "You have to agree or disagree, and you have to decide if you're going back to New York." She replied, "I'm definitely going back to New York!" They ran out of time in the fourth game, but Robyn was given $5,000 for the charity which she was playing for: the Twin Towers Fund. Tomorrow on CBS 2 First News @ 4:00, Robyn Carter will tell us more about her appearance on Hollywood Squares.

Robyn Carter To Appear On Hollywood Squares Tonight

CBS 2's entertainment reporter Robyn Carter will appear on Hollywood Squares tonight. She will face-off against David Sheehan, entertainment reporter for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles (his "Blockbuster Entertainment Reports" air Thursdays on WCBS).

Robyn joined Dana Tyler and Ernie Anastos on CBS 2 First News @ 4:00 today to talk about her appearance with a behind-the-scenes report. She said, "I was a wreck," adding that it's much easier to go in front of the studio cameras for CBS 2 than to answer questions in front of a live studio audience. As for how well she did, she commented, "Let's just say that it was memorable."

In April, CBS 2 sports director Brett Haber played against KYW's sports anchor Beasley Reece (this episode was actually repeated this weekend). Robyn Carter's show, which was originally supposed to air last Monday but was postponed due to the crash of Flight 587, airs tonight at 7:00pm on CBS 2.s

More Information On "Travel With 2"

J.R. Whalen, Manager of the CBS 2 Information Center, tells us the following
All this week, CBS2 viewers can learn more about the best ways to travel this holiday season and learn where to expect delays caused by increased traffic and security precautions. Along with members of the CBS2 Information Center, Representatives from AAA (the Automobile Association of America) will be on hand in the CBS2 Information Center to answer questions and alleviate viewers' uncertainties. Viewers have responded very positively to the CBS2 Information Center and have encouraged us to broaden the scope of topics to cover.
These AAA Representatives will be in the Information Center all week long during CBS 2 News This Morning, Monday through Wednesday on the 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 newscasts, and at Noon on Wednesday.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

"Travel With 2" This Holiday Week

The CBS 2 Information Center will again be at work this week, but for much longer than in the past. It appears that CBS 2 will be taking calls and e-mails throughout the week answering travel questions. The segment will be called "Travel With 2," and will also operate in the mornings. The Info Center has taken viewers' phone calls and e-mails seven times in the past: six times with doctors and other experts answering questions about Antrax, and this past Wednesday they had employment answers for people looking for a new job (many of the callers had been displaced and laid-off due to the recent tragedies in New York). Send your e-mails to the Info Center via the "Instant Access" webpage located here or by calling 1-866-INFO-TWO. More information on this segment later this week.

CBS 2 Update

Because college football on CBS was using Studio 43 last night, CBS 2 Weekend News at 11:00 was anchored by Kirstin Cole in the CBS 2 Newsroom (it was actually delayed for about 25 minutes). Vince DeMentri was off for personal reasons. The open only began with the first part ("You're watching CBS 2, home of the CBS 2 Information Network."), and then went straight to video of the top story. A second camera has been added to the newsroom for CBS 2 Newscasts that may sometimes originate from there due to CBS Sports's use of Studio 43. Craig Allen did the weather report from the CBS 2 Weather Center, and Gary Apple reported on sports from the Continental Airlines Arena.
(Thanks to Kevin for providing the above snapshots!)

This morning on CBS 2's special Sunday newscast at 8:00, Michael O'Looney and Hazel Sanchez anchored from the studio. Craig Allen was back for the weather forecast, and Lori Blanchard was in the CBS 2 Traffic Center reporting on the roads. A new split-screen was used between weather and traffic: it was the "eye" animation behind the two boxes and the "RoadWatch" graphic underneath (seen at left).This morning on CBS 2's special Sunday newscast at 8:00, Michael O'Looney and Hazel Sanchez anchored from the studio. Craig Allen was back for the weather forecast, and Lori Blanchard was in the CBS 2 Traffic Center reporting on the roads. A new split-screen was used between weather and traffic: it was the "eye" animation behind the two boxes and the "RoadWatch" graphic underneath (seen at left).

Thursday, November 15, 2001

CBS 2 Previews

This afternoon at 4:55, at the end of CBS 2 First News @ 4:00, Dana Tyler and Ernie Anastos were standing by the plasma screens. Then they tossed it over to Todd McDermott and Angela Rae who previewed CBS 2 News at 5:00 for about 30 seconds. In the past few days during the 4:00 newscast, Todd and Angela had each previewed the 5:00 newscast at separate times. Today, Todd gave a preview at about 4:15. Also, since November 7th, CBS 2 First News @ 4:00 began a different way right before the open: a quick preview of the stories coming up with a CBS 2 Information Network logo and "swoosh" sound inbetween. And at the end of CBS 2 News at 5:00 today, Angela and Todd sent it to Dana and Ernie with a 30-second preview, similar to what happened just before 5:00.

On The Terror Trail

On CBS 2 News at 5:00 today, Michael O'Looney joined Todd McDermott and Angela Rae at the newsdesk today to discuss his recent assignment in Europe. His first report airs tonight on Nightcast at 11:00 on CBS 2. Also related to this story is that I noticed a CBS 2 "On The Terror Trail" promo locally on the three major cable news networks today: CNN, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC. It looks like CBS 2 is trying to get the word out about their latest investigative series.

CBS 2’s Michael O’Looney Goes Inside Mohammed Atta’s Hamburg Apartment for Special “Nightcast” Reports

A CBS 2 Press Release:
CBS 2’s Michael O’Looney reports from Hamburg, Germany where suspected terrorists Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi had lived prior to the attacks on the World Trade Center. Atta and Al-Shehhi are believed to have been at the controls of the two planes that crashed into New York’s twin towers. O’Looney’s reports will be featured during NIGHTCAST beginning on Thursday, Nov. 15 (11:00-11:35 PM).

Only days after police lifted the seal on the apartment shared by Atta and two of the 19 suspected hijackers, O’Looney was given an exclusive look at where authorities suspect the terror attacks were plotted. He visits with the landlord of the building who said, “I’m shocked… normal students and they’re terrorists!”

O’Looney’s reports also focus on the investigation into the Hamburg terrorist cell, including a look at a radical mosque being monitored by the German Secret Police where Atta and his followers often met. He also examines the alleged link between al Qaeda and Iraq, as well as the relationship between the father of suspected hijacker Ziad Samir Jarrah, a former member of the Stasi, and the al Qaeda terror network.

O’Looney has served as a reporter for WCBS-TV since 1995. His credits include foreign assignments in Egypt, where he investigated the rise of the Islamic fundamentalist movement following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and in the Bahamas, where he tracked the criminal trail of Sante and Kenneth Kimes, the mother/son grifter team convicted of murdering Manhattan millionaire Irene Silverman.

Cliff Cohen serves as Executive Producer of ON THE TERROR TRAIL. Joel Cheatwood is Executive Vice President for News, Viacom Television Stations and WCBS-TV News Director.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

David Diaz Reports From The Dominican Republic

After providing updates from the newsroom yesterday, CBS 2 News reporter David Diaz has been reporting from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, where Flight 587 was scheduled to land yesterday afternoon. His live reports began on CBS 2 News at Noon today. He will cover how the community and the families are coping with yesterday's tragic plane crash. He is the third CBS 2 reporter to travel out of the country this month; Lou Young is reporting from the Middle East, and Michael O'Looney will begin reporting from Europe beginning Thursday night.

Monday, November 12, 2001

CBS 2 News Coverage Of Crash Of Flight 587

Unbelievably, New York has suffered another tragedy just one day after the two month anniversary of the attacks on America. This time an American Airlines Airbus A300, Flight 587, crashed at 9:17am, just three minutes after takeoff, into the residential neighborhood of Belle Harbor, Queens. The flight took off from John F. Kennedy International Airport and was bound for Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It is not believed to be terrorism-related, but rather an engine problem is likely the cause of the crash. 260 people were onboard the airplane, and there are at least six people reported missing on the ground.

Minutes after the crash, CBS 2 News broke into regular programming with a special report. Michael Pomeranz and Cindy Hsu anchored the coverage all morning long, and a Metro camera shot of the smoke filled the screen. David Diaz provided constant updates from the newsroom. Jennifer McLogan, the first CBS 2 News reporter near the scene, reported via telephone. Then at 10:15, CBS 2 provided the first live camera shot from Belle Harbor, which was picked up by cable news networks CNN and Fox News Channel. CBS 2's full team of reporters were soon reporting from the scene, the area airports, and in the Broadcast Center. By 11:15, CBS 2 began using special graphics created for the tragedy. Just after 1:00, Todd McDermott took to the anchor desk along with Cindy Hsu. Angela soon joined him at around 2:00. Two minutes after 3:00, the anchor team was Dana Tyler and Ernie Anastos. An hour later, CBS 2 began to use a special opening animation, soon accompanied by a theme and the announcer. The regular 5:00 anchor team of Todd McDermott and Angela Rae came on at 4:59, and Dana Tyler and Ernie Anastos returned to the desk at 5:58. A special one-hour edition of the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather started at 6:30. By 7:30, CBS 2 was back on with another special report updating viewers on the ongoing situation.

Michael O'Looney To Report From Europe

This past weekend CBS 2 began to air promos for Michael O'Looney's trip to Europe. He will travel to France, England, and Germany and will report on how Europe is fighting terrorism. O'Looney will also interview Interpol's top detectives. His reports will start Thursday night at 11:00 on Nightcast.
(Thanks to Kevin for the "CBS 2 Information Network" snapshot!)

Sunday, November 11, 2001

CBS 2 Weekend News

Sunday, 11/11/01, 9:05am CBS 2 Weekend News
It has now been exactly two months since the devastating attacks on America, and this morning CBS 2 News continued with its special Sunday morning newscasts at 8:00. Cindy Hsu and Hazel Sanchez anchored from the newsdesk. Craig Allen had the weather forecast, and Debbie DuHaime reported on the traffic. This evening, for the first time in many weeks, CBS 2 will have an early weekend evening newscast at 6:30 (the 6:00pm Saturday and 6:30pm Sunday newscasts have recently been preempted by college and professional football).

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Doctors Taking Your Questions Again

This evening on CBS 2 News, doctors were once again on hand to take viewers' questions via the phones, and also questions from Dr. Eric Braverman (PATH Medican), Dr. Jordan Glaser (Staten Island University Hospital), and Dr. Robert Labinson (St. Clare's Hospital) joined anchors Ernie Anastos and Angela Rae in the CBS 2 Information Center. The phone line, 1-866-INFO-TWO, was open until 6:30pm.

CBS 2 News's Coverage of Campaign 2001

This evening, CBS 2 News has comprehensive coverage of Campaign 2001. Covering the New York City Mayoral race are David Diaz at Bloomberg headquarters on the West Side, and Marcia Kramer in Midtown reporting on Green. In New Jersey covering the campaign for Governor are Aimee Nuzzo with McGreevey's team in East Brunswick, and Vince DeMentri at Schundler headquarters in Plainsboro. Jennifer McLogan reported on the vote for Nassau County Executive from Carle Place, Long Island. For up to the minute election information, log on to

Monday, November 5, 2001

YES Network and CBS 2 Agree to Broadcast Yankees Games

A CBS 2 Press Release:
CBS 2 and YES Network have reached a three-year, exclusive, over-the-air agreement to broadcast New York Yankees games beginning in 2002, it was announced today by Tony Petitti, Vice President and General Manager, WCBS-TV and Leo Hindery, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of YES Network. The agreement begins with the 26-time World Series Champion New York Yankees home opener in April 2002. CBS 2 will broadcast a minimum of 20 contests each season, including the team’s match-ups on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The station’s complete New York Yankees broadcast schedule to be announced at a later date features games with the New York Mets, Boston Red Sox, Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Indians, Baltimore Orioles and San Francisco Giants, among other top teams. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“This announcement marks an important day in the history of WCBS-TV,” said Petitti. “It is a privilege to be associated with the New York Yankees, professional sports most famous tradition and team. At the same time, we are excited to be partnering with YES as they launch their newly created network. We look forward to working with YES, and the New York Yankees, well into the 21st century." "YES Network is committed to having an over-the-air broadcast partner for some of its New York Yankees games, and we are thrilled that that partner will be WCBS-TV and its wonderful parent, Viacom,” said Hindery. “We are confident that WCBS-TV will uphold the tradition and legacy of the New York Yankees.”

Added Petitti, “CBS 2 has taken major steps towards its goal of being the leader in the local marketplace. We’ve acquired the most sought-after syndicated programs “Weakest Link,” “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” and “Dr. Phil,” and now we’ve added the New York Yankees. With our primetime growth, a regenerated news division, and the most comprehensive lineup of sports programming, CBS 2 is well on its way to developing vast new audiences and unique sources of revenue for the station.”

New York Yankees games broadcast on CBS 2 will be produced by YES’s executive vice president, production and programming, John Filippelli. The YES Network (Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network, LLC), beginning in March 2002, will offer New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania viewers New York Yankees baseball, sports news and information, entertainment programming and other collegiate and local event coverage to fill out its 24 hour/7 day per week schedule.

Sunday, November 4, 2001

CBS 2 News Sunday Morning

This morning was CBS 2's eighth edition of their Sunday morning newscast. At the anchor desk were Michael O'Looney and Hazel Sanchez. Craig Allen had the weather forecast, and Don Piccin reported on the traffic. There will be at least three more of these one-hour Sunday morning newscasts at 8:00 as CBS 2 tries to increase its weekend presence. Starting tomorrow, Lou Young reports from the Middle East on CBS 2 News at 6:00 and on Nightcast at 11:00 in his reports, "Assignment Mideast."

Friday, November 2, 2001

Ask The Doctors on CBS 2

CBS 2 once again invited doctors into the Information Center in Studio 43 to take phone calls from viewers. At 4:00, Cindy Hsu asked the team of doctors (Dr. Eric Braverman from PATH Medical and Dr. Robert Crupi from Flushing Hospital) about what kinds of questions they were getting. Todd McDermott talked with the two doctors on CBS 2 News at 5:00. As always, the number to call was 1-866-INFO-TWO, and the phone lines were open until 6:30pm.

CBS 2's Lou Young To Report From Middle East

A CBS 2 Press Release:
Who are our fiercest enemies and are our newest allies really our friends are some of the questions CBS 2’s Lou Young will attempt to uncover when he travels to the heart of the Middle East on a search for answers to the growing number of questions of the American people. Young’s schedule includes visits to Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, Kuwait and Israel, where he will interview intelligence officials, heads of state, religious moderates and extremists, among others. His reports will be broadcast during CBS 2’s 6PM and NIGHTCAST newscasts beginning on Monday, Nov. 5. As Young follows the terror trail of the world’s most wanted men, he will bring to life the stories of those people living everyday with the threat of terrorism, and gauge their reaction to the United States’ retaliatory strikes to one of the nation’s darkest days in history.

A four-time Emmy Award-winner, Young joined WCBS-TV in June 1994. He has served as a reporter in the New York market since 1981. His credits at CBS 2 include reports on the 2000 presidential election, the inauguration of George W. Bush, the recovery efforts of Swissair Flight 111, school shootings in Littleton, Colo. and Conyers, Ga., and investigative reports on the abuse of prescription drugs, and food safety as part of CBS-2’s “Eat at Your Own Risk” series. Additionally, Young also reported from New York and Miami on the international struggle between the U.S. and Cuba involving Elian Gonzalez.

Cliff Cohen serves as Executive Producer, ASSIGNMENT MIDEAST. Joel Cheatwood is Executive Vice President for News, Viacom Television Stations and WCBS-TV News Director.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Anthrax Answers From The Doctors At CBS 2

The CBS 2 Information Center had another round of "Ask The Doctors" this evening on its 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 newscasts. This is the third time CBS 2 has had a team of four professionals to take viewers' questions. The panel today included Dr. Tucker Woods (Long Island College Hospital), Dr. Erika Schwartz (Internal Medicine; she was in the Info Center on October 19th), Professor Thomas Johnson (Long Island University), and Dr. Darrell Looney (Brookdale Hospital). The hotline to call was 1-866-INFO-TWO, or 1-866-4636-896. Kirstin Cole talked to the doctors about what viewers were asking them, and what their responses were. The phone lines closed at 6:30pm.

Sunday, October 28, 2001

CBS 2 News's Sunday Morning Newscast

The Sunday morning newscast on CBS 2 News went on this morning for the seventh time since the September 11th attacks. Michael O'Looney and Alexis Christoforous anchored. Meteorologist Craig Allen had the forecast, and Lori Blanchard was in the CBS 2 Traffic Center. Last week CBS 2 issued a press release stating that this 8am Sunday newscast will continue through "Sweeps Month" November.

Sports Rap Live and MSN Messenger!

CBS 2's "Sports Rap Live", which airs Sunday nights at 11:30, began a new feature last night. As we reporter earlier, MSN Messenger has become a part of the fifteen-minute sports program. Viewers can add "" to their contact list in MSN Messenger, and compose a message about the topics being discussed on the show. CBS 2 asks that you include your first name and your hometown. The graphic did not look the same as the one in the promo, and it did not include the hometowns. Only three comments were on the air last night, but I would guess that as more people download MSN Messenger, more comments will make it to the air. As sports anchor Gary Apple said, "Be a part of the action! Get online when we're on the air!"

Saturday, October 27, 2001

MSN Messenger and CBS 2's Sports Rap Live!

CBS 2 began airing a new 15-second promo recently. It's with Gary Apple in Studio 43. He says, "Hi, I'm Gary Apple, CBS 2 Sports, and why be out there when the action's in here? Use your MSN Instant Messenger from Give us your feedback during Sports Rap Live, Saturday nights at 11:30 on CBS 2. Be a part of the action. Get online when we're on the air!" It appears CBS 2 will take viewers' comments and put them directly one the lower portion of the screen. Download MSN Messenger and watch Sports Rap Live at 11:30-11:45 tonight on CBS 2.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

"Ask The Doctors" About Anthrax

As we reported earlier this afternoon, CBS 2 brought doctors back into the Information Center to take calls from viewers. The four doctors were: Dr. Robert Crupi (Flushing Hospital Medical Center), Dr. Seymour Thomas (St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center), Dr. Steven Miller (New York Presbyterian; he was in the Info Center last Friday), and CBS 2's own Dr. Michael Rosen. Kirstin Cole debriefed the doctors on the 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 newscasts. The response was again said to be great, which often caused the lines to be busy. The phone line, 1-866-INFO-TWO, was open until 6:30pm.

More on the CBS 2 Information Center

As you may recall, last Friday CBS 2 used the Information Center for the first time during the late afternoon newscasts. J.R. Whalen, Manager of the CBS 2 Information Center, tells me, "Viewers were more than willing to pose questions to our medical experts. We were very pleased with the response; the CBS2 Information Center is designed to enhance our viewers' CBS2 experience and we believe it did just that. Look for more call-in segments in the near future." He also tells me that there will be more doctors today taking viewers' phone calls and questions.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

CBS 2 To Send Reporters Young and O'Looney Overseas

Tuesday, 10/23/01, 3:00pm CBS 2 To Send Reporters Young and O'Looney Overseas
Today's Daily News reports that CBS 2 News's Lou Young will travel to the Middle East next week to report in that region for at least three weeks. Michael O'Looney will go to France where he will interview the head of Interpol (the International Criminal Police Organization) about tracking terrorists such as Osama bin Laden. CBS 2 News Director Joel Cheatwood tells The News, "We wanted a perspective from the opposite side of the coin. This is a story that demands a level of perspective and context that requires going halfway around the world to get." Cheatwood expects to spend thousands of dollars for the trips, mainly due to the high cost of satellite time needed to transmit the reports back to New York.
(Thanks to Michael for informing me about this article!)

Monday, October 22, 2001

Traces Of Anthrax In Dan Rather's Office

Traces of anthrax were found in Dan Rather's office, CBS News announced Monday, but in amounts so small that the anchorman and an assistant who has already contracted skin anthrax continue to use the space. The findings, from the city Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, buttress what has been an assumption: that the assistant, who opens Rather's mail, encountered the spores at CBS. “As anticipated, we have found some traces of anthrax in Dan's anteroom and office,” CBS News President Andrew Heyward said in a memo to employees. “So far, although this is not a final result, there is no evidence of anthrax in the newsroom or anywhere else we tested.” He said that the findings do not indicate any danger and that the CDC and the New York City health department advised “that it is safe to continue working in all parts of the building.” For more information, go to

Sunday Morning Newscast Continuing Through November

A CBS 2 Press Release:
CBS 2, which has provided expanded news coverage since the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, will continue to broadcast a Sunday morning newscast (8:00-9:00 AM) for the remainder of October and throughout the month of November.

“The events of the past several weeks, which continue to unfold daily, have led to an increased demand for information,” said Joel Cheatwood, Executive Vice President for News, Viacom Television Stations and WCBS-TV News Director. “CBS 2 remains committed to serving the public with the most up-to-date information of this developing story and will continue to expand the number of time periods we offer news as events warrant.”
(Thanks to Brian for sending this to me!)

Sunday, October 21, 2001

"America Fights Back" Coverage

This morning on CBS 2, Michael O'Looney and Lisa Hill anchored the "early Sunday morning edition of CBS 2 Weekend News." The newscast was mostly coverage of America Fights Back and the Anthrax cases, but weather (with Craig Allen) and traffic (with Debbie DuHaime) was added. Tony Tantillo's "Breakfast With T" segment also aired. The newscast was an hour-long this morning starting at 8:00.

Friday, October 19, 2001

CBS 2 Information Center with Anthrax Answers

CBS 2 made its first major use of the Information Center today on its newscasts at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. At 4:08, Kirstin Cole was in the "Info Center" (behind the news desk in Studio 43) explaining that a team of doctors would be there to take viewers' questions. The phone number is 1-866-INFO-TWO, or 1-866-4636-896. At 4:42, Kirstin began asking the doctors some questions. She said that the phones "have gone wild" and the response was "amazing." The team of four doctors were Dr. Steven Miller (New York Presbyterian Hospital), Dr. Erika Schwartz (Trauma Specialist), Dr. Ian Tang (St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Centers), and Dr. Sheldon Landesman (Brookdale Hospital). The phone lines are open until 7:00pm.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Anthrax Case at CBS News

The following is from
An employee in CBS anchor Dan Rather's office has the skin form of anthrax and is expected to fully recover, officials said Thursday. It's the third confirmed case in New York City and is the same, less lethal type of infection contracted by an aide to NBC anchor Tom Brokaw and the infant son of an ABC producer. "Our biggest problem today is not anthrax. Our biggest problem is fear," Rather said at an afternoon press conference. "We are resolute, we will not flinch. ... We will put out a first class evening news broadcast this evening." He said he has not been tested for anthrax exposure and has "no plans at this moment to be tested."

ABC spokesman Todd Polkes said that because the NBC and CBS news anchors had apparently been targeted, "extra precautions are being taken" with mail addressed to ABC News anchor Peter Jennings. Five infected people in the United States have been found among the thousands of people tested so far, and a sixth possible infection is being evaluated, Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge said Thursday in Washington.

The CBS employee was being treated with antibiotics and was expected to fully recover, CBS News President Andrew Heyward said. "In fact, she feels fine," he said. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said she apparently began to experience swelling on Oct. 1. It was not immediately known how she became infected. Because the woman handled mail, investigators believe the anthrax was delivered in an envelope, city officials said. Giuliani said no one else at CBS had showed anthrax symptoms, and Health Commissioner Neal Cohen said there were no public health concerns at the West 57th Street building, known as the CBS Broadcast Center.

The CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street also houses the studios and offices of WCBS 880 and CBS 2. Officials said environmental tests of the mailroom at CBS News headquarters were being analyzed, and testing would now move beyond the mailroom, but the building had not been evacuated. Investigators from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the city Health Department entered the building Thursday morning without protective suits. Workers will be questioned to determine whether they should be tested, Giuliani said.

"You know how they say 'close to home?' It's no longer close. It's home," said Ray McNally, a stagehand for the "CBS Evening News with Dan Rather." Maria Spinella, a broadcast associate at CBS News Productions, said, "Given the events that have been going on at NBC and ABC, I don't think people were shocked. I feel bad for the assistant who opened the letter, but everything that we've heard is that she's being treated and she's expected to recover."

CBS News president Andrew Heyward issued the following statement Thursday morning: "We learned this morning that a CBS News employee in Dan Rather's office has tested positive for the cutaneous form of anthrax. She is being treated with antibiotics and is expected to make a full recovery; in fact, she feels fine. As you know, anthrax is not contagious, and this is the most easily curable form of the disease. I have already talked to the Mayor, the Police Commissioner, and the New York City Health Department. The Health Department and other investigators will be back in the Broadcast Center this morning to interview employees who work in the same vicinity and to determine what the next steps should be. We have been informed by New York City Health Commissioner that it is safe to continue working while this investigation gets underway. Obviously we will take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety."

Monday, October 15, 2001

Craig Rivera Leaves CBS 2

David tells me that Craig Rivera has left CBS 2 News. He was hired as a freelance reporter, and his first report was September 25th. Before coming to CBS 2, he reported for the show "Inside Edition". Craig is the brother of former talk show host Geraldo Rivera, who now anchors a program on CNBC.

Sunday, October 14, 2001

"America On Guard"

Friday evening, CBS News changed the title of their coverage from "America Fights Back" to "America On Guard". Shortly after, CBS 2 News began to use the new title as well, but still use the "Fights Back" title along with it. This is the fourth title used since September 11th (the others were "Attack on America" and "America Rising"). CBS 2's coverage continued this morning at 8:00, when Lou Young and Hazel Sanchez anchored a special newscast (the regular "CBS 2 Weekend News" open was used).

Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Amanda Grove's Online Biography Removed

Late this afternoon, removed Amanda Grove's biography from the bio page. This morning, The New York Post reported that Karen Mateo, CBS 2's spokeswoman said that her contract was not renewed. On Sunday, we reported that Amanda Grove's last day at the station was Friday. She had most recently been a weekend anchor and "CBS 2 On The Money" reporter. The new weekend anchor is Kirstin Cole, who will anchor with Vince DeMentri.

Amanda Grove Leaves CBS 2 News - Confirmed

Michael Starr of The New York Post reports: "Amanda Grove is no longer with Ch. 2, which declined to renew her contract, says a station spokeswoman." We reported on Sunday that Amanda Grove had left, but we were unable to confirm this, until today's "The Starr Report" article.
(Thanks to Brian for letting me know!)