Tuesday, October 31, 2000

The News at 11:00 and at Noon

Last night on "The News at 11:00", the "CBS 2 Reports" animation had different music, sounded like the Breaking News music. "The News at Noon" began today at Noon (it was not on yesterday because of the parade).

Monday, October 30, 2000

Evening News Update

Today on "New York Live", the opening was different than the other openings. It looked similar to some of the promos for the show, which started airing on Thursday. After the open, Todd McDermott had a preview of the news, and Ira Joe Fisher had a preview of the weather. After, Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark had a much longer chat than usual, and it appears to be part of the new 4:00 format. Todd McDermott had the news headlines three times (around 4:05, then at 4:31, and at 4:45). Traffic with Heather O'Rourke was twice, at the usual 4:32 and 4:55. Robyn Carter had the "CBS 2 Hollywood.com Entertainment Report" after Ira's weather (the CBS 2 Information Network animation came before the Hollywood.com animation).

At 4:39, a few minutes later than it used to be, "Tomorrow's Daily News Today in New York" segment (the CBS 2 Information Network animation also came before the Daily News animation). The music for the show is the same as used in the commercials, and the graphics are the same, except for the "New York Live!" logo on the left.

On "The News at 5:00", Todd McDermott did a report about the CBS 2 Information Network (same report as the one shown this morning) and there was a "The News at 5:30" opening also. On "The News at 6:00", Michael Pomeranz filled in for Stephen Clark, although Stephen was there for "New York Live!"

"The News This Morning"

This morning at 5am, NEWS 2 officially changed to the CBS 2 Information Network. No changes in the graphics or music in the morning, but the show is called "The News This Morning (on CBS 2)". The opening is different, but still similar. It's very similar to the "top stories" open News 2 used when they changed in April, and lasted only for a few months. At the beginning of all four morning opens, they showed all of their partners, and said, "You're watching the CBS 2 Information Network." Then after that, the opening goes, "Now, live from Fifth Avenue, this is The News This Morning." They have a different bottom and top of the screen and the logo says "CBS 2 This Morning".

Other changes to note:
-The animation between top stories is the same, but a different sound is used.
-The "Traffic and Weather" animation is mostly the same, just slightly different. It has the CBS 2 logo instead, and the words are animated a bit differently.
-The split-screen now has "CBS" written all over the bottom instead of "NEWS".
-The same animation before the opening was also used before the "Inside The Daily News" segment.
-There is a new "Top Stories" open for around 5:45 and 6:45. Similar to the old one, but different words and says CBS 2 instead of NEWS 2. -Todd McDermott did a report about the CBS 2 Information Network.
-There is now a new 30-second commercial advertising the CBS 2 Information Network, with all of the sources, and telling what it is all about.
COMING SOON: Pictures of the new CBS 2 Information Network!

Saturday, October 28, 2000

CBS 2 "Out Cues"

I have been told by sources that the new "out cue" (what a reporter says by ending their report) will be, "I'm (reporter's name), CBS 2." This may change what we've been expecting, as the newscasts' titles may change from "NEWS 2" to "CBS 2", not "CBS 2 News" as we have been reporting. More news as it's available!

Friday, October 27, 2000

CBS 2 News Desk

Today at 4:00, the "NEWS 2" logo above the news desk said, "CBS 2". This is one of the latest things to change from "NEWS 2" to "CBS 2", including the CBS 2 Info Box, the Metro Traffic Center's logo, the newsroom background, the CBS 2 Time Capsule, the lower-thirds graphics, and more.

World Series Parade

Now that the New York Yankees beat the New York Mets, 4 games to 1, in the World Series, the parade will be held on Monday. CBS 2 coverage of the parade starts at 11:00am, which means there will be no noon news. Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark are likely to be the anchors for the coverage, because they did it for the 1998 and 1999 parades.

WCBS-TV Launches the CBS 2 Information Network

In an unprecedented move in local television, WCBS-TV New York will be among the most complete and comprehensive sources of information available to viewers in the tri-state area with the launch of the CBS 2 Information Network, on Monday, October 30th, it was announced by Joel Cheatwood WCBS-TV News Director.

The CBS 2 Information Network, is the culmination of agreements with specialized television, print and online media companies to share news resources and content on WCBS-TV’s newscasts, providing viewers with a broad range of timely and relevant information in one place. Among the partners that will complement the station’s daily, local coverage are: VH1 News, Court TV, CBS Healthwatch, CBS Marketwatch, CBS News, CNN, Hollywood.com, Office.com, and The New York Daily News.
To read more go to the cbsnewyork.com Press Release.

Thursday, October 26, 2000

CBS 2 Update

This afternoon at 4:00, the animated monitor in the Metro Traffic Center, which used to alternate between "NEWS 2" and "TRAFFIC", now has "CBS 2" and "TRAFFIC". Also at during News 2 at 4:00, Dana Tyler, Stephen Clark, Ira Joe Fisher, and Todd McDermott talked for around a minute about the "CBS 2 Information Network" and "New York Live!", both are starting Monday. They said Todd McDermott will do the news for the show.

New York Live

This morning, CBS 2 began airing a promo about "New York Live". It starts on Monday, and it will be the new name for "News 2 at 4:00".

The promo looks very nice, and it looks like the 4:00 news will remain the same, except Todd McDermott may do the news (they show him when talking about news and traffic). If this is true, he may do the news from either the main desk or the news desk. It looks like there may be new graphics and new music, but we will have to wait.

It appears as if the change from News 2 to CBS 2 News, will begin Monday. It is not yet definite that the other newscasts will change at all, but it is very likely CBS 2 will premiere new graphics and music for the other shows as well. We'll update with new information as soon as we get it.

CBS 2 This Morning

This morning on News 2, the logo on the purple graphic that goes on the right-half of the screen for the top stories, around 6:46am, said "CBS 2 This Morning". The logo used to say "NEWS 2 This Morning". This may be the new name for the morning show.

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

CBS 2 Information Network

The New York Daily News reports that CBS 2 will launch a television and radio ad campaign calling themselves the "CBS 2 Information Network". It will promote new partnerships with Court TV, VH1, CBS MarketWatch, the Daily News and Hollywood.com. The Daily News also reports that Ernie Anastos returns on January 1st. Because this campaign will start on Monday, it is very possible the change to "CBS 2 News" will also be made on Monday.

"CBS 2 Info Box"

This morning on News 2, the "NEWS 2 Info Box" was renamed to the "CBS 2 Info Box". The change appears when the Info Box has the "CBS 2 Info Box" logo, usually coming back from commercials.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

News 2 Newsroom Changes Slightly

Today, News 2 changed the logo in the back of their newsroom from "NEWS 2" to "CBS 2". I appears as if everything is changing from "NEWS 2" to "CBS 2", in preparation for the possible name change to "CBS 2 News". We'll keep you updated on this story.

Monday, October 23, 2000

"CBS 2 News" Might Be Here Soon!

Many "hints" were given today about the new CBS 2 News. First, near the end of News 2 at 5:00, Dana Tyler had a preview of what was coming up on News 2 at 6:00. She said, "Coming up on News 2 at 6, a story you'll see only on CBS 2 News." Also, there is a new promo on Channel 2, about the Election coverage. They have the CBS 2 logo at the end, instead of the News 2 logo. And thirdly, this morning (or late last night) the 5-day forecast weather graphic slightly changed. Like the lower-thirds graphics, the bottom now says, "CBS" instead of "NEWS". My prediciton is that News 2 will change to "CBS 2 News" on Election Day, November 7th (that's a Tuesday). More coverage coming soon.

Top 5 at 5

Today on News 2 at 5:00, Todd McDermott introduced a new segment called, "Top 5 at 5". Every Monday, Tony Tantillo, the Fresh Grocer, will have the top 5 fruits and vegetables according to their values and prices. There was also a special graphic at the bottom saying, "Best Buys". As Tony Tantillo says at the end of his segments, "Eat fresh and stay healthy!"

Correction: News 2 O-T-S Graphic Did Not Change

On Thursday, we reported that News 2 changed their Over-The-Shoulder graphic. We have learned that the machine that provides the animated backdrop for the O-T-S had a glitch in it, and then it was taken down and repaired. It appears as if this only happened Thursday afternoon/evening, as it was corrected by Friday morning (possibly Thursday night).

Sunday, October 22, 2000

"News 2 Info Box" on News 2 at 11:00

Last night on News 2 at 11, Amanda Grove said that the "News 2 Info Box" would be on the bottom-left corner of the screen, so viewers could stay updated with the World Series score, without having to miss the news. The Info Box is normally only used on News 2 This Morning, where it shows the weather forecast, sports scores, and traffic delays. Last night, the Info Box had the Mets and Yankees logos on the left, and the score on the right of the logo. When updating the inning (the score did not change during the newscast), the Info Box disappeared for a few seconds, and then came back with the correct inning.

Thursday, October 19, 2000

News 2 O-T-S Graphic Changed

The Over-The-Shoulder graphic has changed. The box is still the same, but the animated colors (similar to the animation for the lower-thirds) has been taken away, most of it anyway. It appears now that there's only a little bit of the colors on the top. Sorry for the unclear description, I hope you understand what I was trying to say!

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

CBS 2 News?

Brian sends this in:
I was on cbsnewyork.com today and I clicked on "Leaders of Tomorrow." They mention "CBS 2 News at 5:00". It appears as if the changes in the graphics represent the change to CBS 2 News. Just though I'd let you know.
Thanks Brian! It will be very interesting to see if the name of "NEWS 2" will change to "CBS 2 NEWS"! In the recent weeks, the cbsnewyork.com website has changed everything from "NEWS 2" to "CBS 2". Also commercials now say, "Weather/News on CBS 2 is brought to you by [sponsor]." Yesterday, we reported that their lower-thirds graphics changed the word in it from "NEWS" to "CBS", and this change has also taken place in their Over-The-Shoulder graphics. The name "CBS 2 News" is currenty used on KCBS-TV Los Angeles, and "CBS 4 News" is used on WFOR-TV Miami. If there is any more news on this subject, we'll bring it to you right away!

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Slight Change In News 2's "Lower-Thirds" Graphics

Today I noticed, as well as other News 2 viewers, that they slightly changed their graphics. In the colorful and animated lower-thirds graphics (on the bottom of the screen where the anchors' names are), the word "NEWS" used to appear for a few seconds, then fade out. It now says, "CBS". Many things at News 2 have been changing in favor of the "CBS 2" name. The CBS New York website now has CBS 2 all over the place, it used to be NEWS 2. The "NEWS 2 Time Capsule" also has recently be renamed to the "CBS 2 Time Capsule" at 5:00.

Thursday, October 12, 2000

"Can You Believe It?" Only Airs Thursdays

It appears as if the KYW-TV Philadelphia produced consumer segment, "Can You Believe It?", only airs Thursdays on News 2. It premiered last Thursday on News 2 at 5:00 and aired again today during the 5:00 newscast. The segment, with Paul Moriarty as the reporter, airs on KYW-TV, CBS's affiliate in Philadelphia, every day of the week except Friday.

Brett Haber is now the 11:00pm Sports Anchor

Last night at 11:00, Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark welcomed the newest member of the News 2 family, Brett Haber, who will be the newscast's sportscaster. Brett Haber comes to News 2 from WTTG-TV in Washington, D.C. He also used to be co-host of "SportsCenter" on ESPN. Did you watch Brett haber last night? What do you think of his sports report? Let everyone know at our Message Board!

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

David Rogers and "No Nonsense Weather"

Today during the 5:00 news, David Rogers started as weeknight weather anchor. David Rogers. He was previously weather anchor for WKYC-TV in Cleveland, Ohio. Also, "No Nonsense Weather", a quicker weather forecast with the 5-day forecast, began today at 5:45pm. What do you think of News 2's newest addition? Tell us at our message board!

David Rogers and Brett Haber Both Begin Tonight!

Last night at 11:00, Stephen Clark and Dana Tyler said goodbye to Craig Allen, but said he will do the weather for the weekends, and will continue his busy schedule with WCBS NewsRadio 880. Craig Allen said that David Rogers would start tonight at 5, 6, and 11.

Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark also said that it was Warner Wolf's last 11:00pm sports report. Warner Wolf will still do the 6:00pm sports report, and said that Brett Haber would start tonight at 11:00.

It now seems like, after many months, News 2 has a permanent weather anchor lineup. Tony Pann, weekday mornings. Ira Joe Fisher, noon and 4:00. David Rogers, 5, 6, and 11:00. Craig Allen, weekends.

Friday, October 6, 2000

CBS 2 and Court TV Team Up For Weekly Reports

Court TV and WCBS-TV New York have struck a partnership agreement to share original editorial news content for the station’s evening newscast, it was announced today by Art Bell, Executive Vice President, Programming and Marketing, Court TV and Joel Cheatwood, News Director, WCBS-TV New York. Starting this month, Court TV will supplement the CBS2’s 11PM newscast, once a week, with a series of special, signature segments from the network, including: CRIME STORIES, MUGSHOTS, FORENSIC FILES and HOLLYWOOD & CRIME documentaries. In addition, elements of the series CRIER TODAY and its nightly legal newsmagazine, PROS AND CONS and the network’s landmark trial coverage will also appear regularly on the station. More information here.

Assistant News Director Is Leaving

TV News New York reports "WCBS-TV assistant news director Lee Abrahamian is leaving to join TheFeedRoom.com, online home to ex-WABC news director Bart Feder."

Thursday, October 5, 2000

"Can You Believe It?" Is From KYW-TV Philadelphia!

Can you believe it? News 2's new segment, "Can You Believe It?", which began today, is actually from another CBS affiliate, KYW-TV 3 Philadelphia! Same reporter, same segment. "Can You Believe It" airs Monday through Thursday on KYW's "Eyewitness News at 5:00". Paul Moriarty's biography from KYW-TV is located here. (Thanks to Delware Valley Media Watch for telling me!)

New Segment, New Reporter

Today at 5:00, News 2 began a new segment. It's called, "Can You Believe It?", and it is with a new reporter, Paul Moriarty. It appears to be a new consumer segment, with Paul Moriarty trying out some new things, and deciding if they are rip-offs.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

News 2 Press Releases

Here's some information I found at the new cbsnewyork.com's press releases page:
-Information about the "Campaign 2000: Eye On The Issues" can be found here.
-CBS 2 is broadcasting a live debate between Rick Lazio and Hillary Clinton this Sunday morning, from 10:30-11:30am. More information here.
-Brett Haber's appointment as News 2 at 11:00 sports anchor is effective Wednesday, October 11th.
-David Rogers's appointment as News 2 evening meteorologist is effective Sunday, October 8th.

Monday, October 2, 2000

Campaign 2000: Eye On The Issues

Today on News 2 at 5:00, CBS 2 began its new commitment to campaign coverage. It's called "Campaign 2000: Eye On The Issues". Many CBS affiliates around the country are promising to dedicate 5 minutes in a newscast to campaign coverage, starting today, and running through November 7th, Election Day.