Sunday, April 30, 2000

NEWS 2 Begins To Use New Graphics, New Music, and New Openings

On Thursday, April 27th, NEWS 2 began to use new graphics, new music, and new openings. The CBS 2 logo is now smaller and higher than it used to be. The bottom graphics are animated, as well as the new Over-The-Shoulder graphics. There is also a new COMING UP animation. A new split-screen also. And, the new openings look somewhat similar to the older ones (which premiered January 24th) because they show scenes of the city, and use the same words, but there is much more animation used. In my opinion, the new openings, graphics, and music are MUCH better than they used to be!

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Keisean said...

Wow. This is a throwback! I noticed that every reporter/anchor pictures aren't at the station anymore.