Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Election Night Coverage

As you probably know, the next president of the United States is still undecided! Here's a quick look at how CBS 2 covered this election last night and this morning. Coverage began Tuesday morning on The News This Morning, then on The News at Noon. In the afternoon, more coverage on The News at 5:00 and 6:00. At 6:30pm, Dan Rather came on from CBS News Headquarters in New York with a special election edition of the CBS Evening News. At 7:00pm, Dan Rather was back with Ed Bradley, Bob Shieffer, Anthony Mason and Lesley Stahl at the desk. Then at 7:23, and every thirty minutes after that, CBS 2 came on with local election coverage for five minutes (from Studio 59A). CBS 2 also used slightly different graphic with the "Campaign 2000" logo on the left. This morning, there was no local morning news, just the updates on the :23s and :53s. The Early Show began at 7am.

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