Friday, January 26, 2001

Giant January on CBS 2

Sports anchors Brett Haber and Gary Apple, along with Amy Stone, have been in Tampa all week long covering the Pre-Super Bowl events. Todd McDermott was live in Tampa yesterday afternoon and evening, anchoring "New York Live!" and "The News at 5:00" as a split-screen edition. Tiki Barber has been providing "Tiki's Journal" since late last week, home video of the Giants and the Super Bowl (Tiki's coming back to "CBS 2 This Morning" in March). Now that we are only 2 days away from the big game, CBS 2 will have special shows. Tonight and Saturday night, CBS 2 will have a special 7pm broadcast. Sunday morning at 11am, CBS 2 will have a special "Super Bowl Warm-Up" show. CBS 2 is also running a lot of "Giant January" promos advertising their coverage (including "Tiki's Journal") and primetime shows (including "Survivor II").

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