Thursday, February 8, 2001

CBS 2 Complaint Department

A few days ago, began running ads for people to tell CBS 2 of their grievances. The logo inlcuded on the page was "CBS 2 Reports". Now WCBS appears to have renamed the upcoming feature to be called the "CBS 2 Complaint Department". The website now says, "The CBS 2 complaint department wants to know what ticks you off. What are the major aggravations in your day? Is it traffic, the phone company, bad customer service? We'll try to get answers for some of your problems. Your frustrations may be a future story!" Click here for the CBS 2 Complaint Department page.

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Sonny said...

During the Sat. CBS 11pm news, newscaster Rob Morrison reported on Pres. Obama's views on the new airport security measures by constantly calling him Mr. Obama. Even back when Pres. Bush & the Republicans plunged this country into the mess it's in for 8yrs, he still was atleast respected enough to be called Pres. It seems some people want to jump on the bandwagon and trash someone for trying to straighten out 8yrs. worth of F-ups. No one can do that in only 2yrs. That is offensive to Pres. Obama., as well as all non white people.