Friday, June 1, 2001

CBS 2 News at 5:30's Open This Week

Friday, 6/1/01, 6:50pm CBS 2 News at 5:30's Open This Week
Every day this week at 5:30, CBS 2 has done something different for the open than the day before. On Monday, they used the same open as they have been for a few weeks (with Angela Rae, Todd McDermott, and David Rogers). Tuesday, the voice-over was redone to include Brett Haber. On Wednesday, they used the one without Brett. Then on Thursday, there was no opening at 5:30, and today they used the Brett Haber one again! Last month, CBS 2 kept switching between the "CBS 2 News" and "The News" openings, and finally made the choice to go with "CBS 2 News".

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