Wednesday, July 18, 2007

CBS 2 News Covers Steam Pipe Explosion

Jim Rosenfield broke the news on CBS 2 News at 6:08: Police were being called to 42nd Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenues after reports of underground explosions. They then returned to the regular newscast until 6:15 when the story was again reported and updated. At 6:19, Rosenfield and Dana Tyler conducted a phone interview with a spokesman for the Transit Authority. A live metrocam shot showing the steam billowing up into the skyline. That there was no reason to suspect terrorism was a point that was frequently made. This coverage remained sustained until 6:30, when the station aired the "CBS Evening News with Katie Couric."

CBS 2 News returned at 7 with two more hours of live coverage, anchored by Chris Wragge and Kristine Johnson. Reporters on the scene included Dave Carlin (via phone), Scott Weinberger (via phone), Sean Hennessey (via phone), Brendan Keefe and Pablo Guzman (on the phone at first but on camera later in the evening). Casualty numbers came in: One dead and at least 20 injured. At 8:21, CBS 2 went live to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's press conference, at which the mayor declared that the incident was the result of "a failure of our infrastructure" and not related to terrorism.

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