Friday, February 1, 2008

Bartelstein's Cancer is Gone

Steve Bartelstein finally got to share some good news with his colleagues yesterday: His cancer is gone. According to the Daily News, Bartelstein has a genetic makeup that only one in one million people have and this created false positive results for "cancer markers" in his body. He told the Daily News, "I've got a new lease on life. I know I have another purpose now."

While the news is great, he's not yet back to normal. He'll still have weekly blood tests and CAT scans and he'll be recovering from the chemotherapy for months.

This quote closed out the article: "I've always been someone who watched the sunset every day. This has reinforced how precious your health is. I think it made me appreciate all of the good mornings I have."


Anonymous said...

Steve Bartelstein, What great news about your treatment. I was diagnosed with MDS in the Fall of 2005 and had a stem cell transplant at Sloan -Kettering in June of 2006. I am one of 4 identical twin transplants at Sloan. I would like to share my story with you to give others the faith , hope and share my experiences. Can you inagine what it feels like to be a twin and be able to save your brothers life. Sloan was and is great and I would like to share that also. My doctor at Sloan is Dr. James Young. Maybe we could get him to say a few words also. I plan on speaking at the 2008 celebration for Sloan survivors this year. Maybe we could coordinate this also.

Best regards
Doug Nelson
Stamford, CT

Morley Springfield - The Angry American said...

Wow a false positive just after getting shit-canned from WABC for being a constant problem. The timing is incredible isn't it? Steve really is one in a million.