Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Spitzer Coverage

Chris Wragge anchored today's split edition of CBS 2 News at 5:00 from Albany while Kristine Johnson handled the rest of the day's news from the studio. The two also anchored another 30-minute 7:00 special, called "Spitzer Resigns," and will of course be on again tonight at 11:00.

Governor Eliot Spitzer's resignation is effective Monday at noon and that will presumably be when Lieutenant Governor David Paterson is sworn in. CBS 2 will likely cover that during the noon newscast.

Political reporter Andrew Kirtzman joined Campbell Brown on CNN's "Election Center" program tonight to talk about the Spitzer resignation and offered some insight on Paterson. This isn't Kirtzman's first time on CNN at 8:00 p.m. In fact, it was just about this time last year when he spoke with Paula Zahn about then-Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani.

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