Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guzman: "I'm going to be OK"

Just as he did two months ago, Pablo Guzman made a blog entry to update viewers and visitors on his health. It's a must-read for everyone and serves as a good lesson for us all when it comes to our health. He says he started having chest pains Sunday morning and again on Monday but it wasn't until Tuesday morning that he decided to do something about it:
Wait: Angela, my daughter, would be forever haunted if I died at home. And my son, Daniel, my wife, Debbie...I don't want to die! I want more years with these people! I love them too much!

I made a promise to God, and to my dad in heaven, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles --- OK! This time I'll call the doctor, OK? Only, please give me the strength to take a shower first. I don't want these people thinking, boy, those TV guys sure smell.
And he made it just in time. He was falling asleep when his doctor yelled "Stay with me, Pablo! Come on, Pablo! I don't want to lose you!" The self-described not-exactly-an-exercise-freak had 99 percent blockage in one artery and was told, "We thought we might lose you."

It's comforting to see that Guzman still has his sense of humor. The Bronx Bombers notes in parentheses when talking about his doctor, Mark Applebaum, that he is "a Yankee fan, it turns out."

While he's recovering now at Columbia-Presbyterian, he does have 70 percent blockage in another artery.

He ended this post just as he did his first one -- by thanking the people who saved his life.
I'm going to be OK. Thanks, Lord. And all you medical pros who chipped in. Gracias.

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