Thursday, January 21, 2010

Newsroom Renovations

For the past two weeks, staffers at CBS 2 News have been working out of a makeshift newsroom in the former "Guiding Light" studio, which is right next to CBS 2's Studio 46. That's because the current newsroom is being renovated. Here's what it looked like on January 6th, thanks to Kristine Johnson's TwitPic:

Assignment editors, producers, writers, reporters and website producers are among those working from the temporary newsroom. The offices of the news director, assistant news director and anchors are unaffected, as are the edit rooms.

While the construction is going on, CBS 2's flashcam position has been moved from the newsroom to master control and is being dubbed the "news desk." Fake monitors appear behind the window to make it look similar to the old newsroom shot.

We're told that the new newsroom should be ready in about five weeks.

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