Thursday, February 21, 2013

Morrison Blames Wife For Abuse

Former CBS 2 anchor Rob Morrison tells the Post that his wife is to blame for years of abuse.

While drinking Bud Light at Buffalo Wild Wings in Stamford, Morrison said Ashley struck him in the face with a remote control late Saturday/early Sunday after they had watched "Mystic Pizza."  He admitted to seeing a psychologist once a week to help with his anxiety.

The paper also reports that Connecticut child protective services will soon talk with Morrison over his brother-in-law's claim that Morrison said he'd shoot his son in front of Ashley before shooting her if she ever left him.

The Daily News has more details on what happened behind closed doors at CBS 2 yesterday: Morrison told station management that he was quitting just before they were about to let him go in a 40-minute meeting.  The paper says he was making $300,000 to anchor the morning and noon newscasts.  After, he told the paper:
I truly believe this is the best for everybody. It’s increasingly apparent, as the story becomes more inflamed and ridiculous, there’s no way I could go on and read the news to everybody.
The News also reports:
While Morrison was adamant that the decision to quit was his, sources indicated his CBS career ended the minute that cops put him in handcuffs early Sunday morning. “After he was arrested for choking his wife and allegedly threatening to kill her, it was clear that he would never be back on the air at CBS ever again,” one insider told The News. “The bosses have no tolerance for any type of scandal and have had difficulties with Rob for several months. This was the final straw.”
Morrison made a horrible situation even worse when he called in sick to work Monday without telling station executives about his arrest, the insider said. Bosses instead learned that their “News at Noon” anchor was handcuffed and freed on $100,000 bail by reading the shocking news online.
In a separate story, the News takes a look at the long road to comebacks for news anchors who've gotten in trouble.

Morrison appeared in yesterday's Sean Delonas cartoon in the Post in which he's been replaced on CBS 2 by Chris Brown, the musician who's infamous for beating girlfriend Rihanna:

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