Monday, October 28, 2013

Sandy Anniversary Promos

CBS 2 has been airing "Reporting Sandy" promos since last week to mark tomorrow's first anniversary since the destructive storm. They feature the anchors, weathercasters and select reporters looking back at the challenges Sandy brought.

Kristine Johnson, Chris Wragge, Maurice DuBois, Dana Tyler and Mary Calvi:

John Elliott:

Christine Sloan, Carolyn Gusoff, John Slattery and Cindy Hsu:

Kristine Johnson and Maurice DuBois:

John Slattery, Lonnie Quinn, Carolyn Gusoff, Emily Smith and Cindy Hsu:

Chris Wragge and Mary Calvi:

Weijia Jiang, Cindy Hsu and Jennifer McLogan:

Kristine Johnson:

Elise Finch, John Elliott, Lonnie Quinn and Vanessa Murdock:

Update: A few more:

Carolyn Gusoff, Tony Aiello and Christine Sloan:

Kristine Johnson and Maurice DuBois:

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