Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lisa Kerney Leaves CBS 2

Today was Lisa Kerney's last day at CBS 2.  She tweeted the news this morning:
She also tweeted at around the same time that she was headed to ESPN, according to NewsByte2 reader Brian, but quickly deleted that message.

Kerney joined CBS 2 in January 2012 as morning sports anchor in time to cover the Giants' appearance in the Super Bowl.  She, along with John Elliott and newcomer Carolina Bermudez, were the three original hosts for WLNY's "The Couch" when the show premiered that July.  She lost that position while on maternity leave this past summer to Jodi Applegate, who herself left shortly after this blog reported on her arrival.  The third host is now Jill Nicolini, who just recently joined the program as its traffic anchor.

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d said...

I watch Ch.2 News every morning; however, it hadn't dawned on me that Lisa Keirney was no longer doing soorts.