Thursday, February 13, 2014

Diane Macedo Joining As Weekend Morning Anchor

Looks like CBS 2 will be welcoming yet another fresh face:

Macedo is a reporter at Fox Business Network.

Weekend mornings have been anchored by both Cindy Hsu and Andrea Grymes.

(Thanks to IceManNYR on TV News Talk for pointing this out.)


Thomas Mathews said...

Congratulations to Diane! I wish her continued success.

Keep up the singing. You are fabulous!

timbo44b said...

And after moving to a Libtard TV station, she acquired a whackjob stalker, according to the NY Daily news. So what's that tell ya folks? Answer: If she would've stayed on Fon business News, whose audience is normal, Conservative investors, then the whackjob stalker would still be watching CBS along with all the other future criminals. And another thing, this is the first time I ever heard of someone leaving Fox, to go to a station that employs the biggest liars on TV. In case you're not a low information voter, you might not be aware that CBS, NBC, and ABC all are headed by people who have spouses and siblings who work inside the White House, including Jay Carney Boy Detective, whose wife Claire Shipman who works at ABC News as a reporter!