Friday, December 22, 2000

Emotional Goodbye To Stephen Clark

If you saw the special holiday edition of "New York Live!" today, you know what I mean by saying it was an emotional show. The last 15-20 minutes of the show were holiday memories with the anchors. Ira Joe Fisher read a poem to a bunch of kids in the studio, and then all of the 4:00 anchors were at a table talking about their Christmas memories. Tony Tantillo ("The Fresh Grocer"), Robyn Carter (entertainment reporter), Todd McDermott (news anchor), Ira Joe Fisher (weather man), Dana Tyler (4, 6, and 11:00 anchor), and Stephen Clark (4, 6, and 11:00 anchor) were all there.

At the end, they mentioned it was Stephen's last day at CBS 2. Dana couldn't finish talking, so Ira Joe quickly helped out. Stephen was obviously very sad about this too, as his eyes became very red, and he didn't say much at all, only smiled. Then at the very end, he played his guitar and sang a song to end the show.

Tonight is Stephen Clark's last newscast, at 11:00. It will also be Dana Tyler's last newscast at 11:00 as she has next week off, and Angela Rae takes her place the week of January 1st.

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