Saturday, December 23, 2000

Stephen Clark Leaves CBS 2

Last night at 11:00, Dana Tyler said goodbye to Stephen Clark. And Stephen Clark said goodbye to Dana Tyler, who will be leaving the 11:00 news. Earlier today on the CBSNEWYORK.COM Message Board, Stephen Clark posted a message for everyone:
To all my friends and viewers: I want to thank you most sincerely for the support you've shown me on these pages. It certainly warms my heart to know so many of you care about me and the general well being of CBS2. Like you, I agree with the concensus that Channel 2 is making a big mistake by letting me go, and by moving Dana off the 11, and in a lot of the others moves the station has made lately. I agree, as you all have made abundantly clear, that the station needs to stop making changes and let viewers get used to the station for a change. But, having said that, as a veteran broadcaster I understand Joel Cheatwood's rationale as to why he thinks he needs to make these changes...although for obvious reasons I don't think it will work. It would also be easy for me to agree with you that you should stop watching Channel 2 immediately. But before you do that I want you to think about all the good people still there...Dana and Ira and Warner and all the great people behind the scenes working against great odds to put on news shows. Your boycott would certainly get your point across, but it would also hurt a lot of good people. Having said that, I am not at all opposed to your continued letters and emails of support sent to Tony Pettitti, WCBS General Manager...I think it's important he understands what viewers think of the changes. I also support your calls and letters on my behalf to other stations in New York. I certainly intend to stay in the city and hope to be working elsewhere as soon as possible. In the meantime, all of you please have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. If you'd like to contact me...I'm on America OnLine at I'd love to hear from you. Stephen Clark
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