Friday, November 2, 2001

CBS 2's Lou Young To Report From Middle East

A CBS 2 Press Release:
Who are our fiercest enemies and are our newest allies really our friends are some of the questions CBS 2’s Lou Young will attempt to uncover when he travels to the heart of the Middle East on a search for answers to the growing number of questions of the American people. Young’s schedule includes visits to Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, Kuwait and Israel, where he will interview intelligence officials, heads of state, religious moderates and extremists, among others. His reports will be broadcast during CBS 2’s 6PM and NIGHTCAST newscasts beginning on Monday, Nov. 5. As Young follows the terror trail of the world’s most wanted men, he will bring to life the stories of those people living everyday with the threat of terrorism, and gauge their reaction to the United States’ retaliatory strikes to one of the nation’s darkest days in history.

A four-time Emmy Award-winner, Young joined WCBS-TV in June 1994. He has served as a reporter in the New York market since 1981. His credits at CBS 2 include reports on the 2000 presidential election, the inauguration of George W. Bush, the recovery efforts of Swissair Flight 111, school shootings in Littleton, Colo. and Conyers, Ga., and investigative reports on the abuse of prescription drugs, and food safety as part of CBS-2’s “Eat at Your Own Risk” series. Additionally, Young also reported from New York and Miami on the international struggle between the U.S. and Cuba involving Elian Gonzalez.

Cliff Cohen serves as Executive Producer, ASSIGNMENT MIDEAST. Joel Cheatwood is Executive Vice President for News, Viacom Television Stations and WCBS-TV News Director.

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