Sunday, November 18, 2001

"Travel With 2" This Holiday Week

The CBS 2 Information Center will again be at work this week, but for much longer than in the past. It appears that CBS 2 will be taking calls and e-mails throughout the week answering travel questions. The segment will be called "Travel With 2," and will also operate in the mornings. The Info Center has taken viewers' phone calls and e-mails seven times in the past: six times with doctors and other experts answering questions about Antrax, and this past Wednesday they had employment answers for people looking for a new job (many of the callers had been displaced and laid-off due to the recent tragedies in New York). Send your e-mails to the Info Center via the "Instant Access" webpage located here or by calling 1-866-INFO-TWO. More information on this segment later this week.

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