Thursday, May 24, 2007

Johnson Returns to CBS 2 News at Noon

Kristine Johnson returned as the anchor of CBS 2 News at Noon today, about one month after she returned to CBS 2 News at 5:00. Johnson, who gave birth to a son in March, anchored her last noon newscast on February 20 but remained on the 5:00 newscast until going on maternity leave March 1. She returned to CBS 2 News at 5:00 from maternity leave on April 23, just in time for May Sweeps, but Johnson did not return to CBS 2 News at Noon. At the time, the station told the Daily News that Johnson would "eventually" return to the noon newscast.

During Johnson's three month absence from CBS 2 News at Noon, co-anchor Chris Wragge anchored the half-hour newscast solo. Wragge was off today, so Johnson anchored solo. The only allusion to Johnson's return came when Money Watch reporter Alexis Christoforous welcomed her back to the noon newscast.


Alex Romanelli said...

C.B.S.News finally has it right with Kristine Johnson and Chris Wragge.My wife and I switched when Roz Abrams was anchor.We now are back as long as Chris and Kristine stay.
Thank You,
Alex & Catherine Romanelli

Anonymous said...

the news is not that hot wt johnson shes a bore ditch the witch .....