Friday, June 22, 2007

Wragge and Johnson Promoted to 11:00

Richard Huff breaks the news in today's Daily News: "Chris Wragge and Kristine Johnson on Monday will become the A-Team at WCBS/Ch. 2." The pair will trade in their noon anchoring duties for the 11:00 p.m. spot. Dana Tyler and Jim Rosenfield will move to noon.

Here are some of General Manager Peter Dunn's comments to the paper:
- "We've been trying to work on every newscast since we've been here. Everything we've done so far has been a benefit to the station."
- On recent ratings increases: "We just want to keep that momentum going. We have tremendous confidence in all our anchor teams, we just want to put them in the right time slot."
- On not wanting to rank his teams: "I would never put an A-C or C label, they're all very experienced. They all do a phenomenal job."

In other news, Dr. Max Gomez returns to Channel 2 as a freelance medical reporter, while Dr. Holly Phillips will remain the station's lead reporter on that front.


Anonymous said...

This story is hilarious. They should be encouraging people to watch CBS2 not drive them away.

jersey girl said...

I think this is a big mistake. Jim aand Dana have more experience; Chris and Kristine ARE good, but they're a new team. I think they should work a little longer on the noon and 5 before they become "the A team". It just seems a bit premature to promote them, and like a demotion for Jim and Dana.