Friday, November 9, 2007

It's Wragge's Turn

His co-anchor was profiled earlier in the week and now Chris Wragge is in the spotlight. Richard Huff's piece, titled "Chris Wragge scores in his news role on Channel 2," comes a year after Wragge and Kristine Johnson became CBS 2 News anchors.

In the article, Wragge talks about having to work hard to gain viewers' trust and that there is a lot more work to do. "There's so much more preparation," he said. "The last thing I ever want to do is get caught with my pants down. I always want to be prepared."

He also admits that he loved being a sports anchor but "I love this 10 times more than I loved that."

Peter Dunn told Huff of the changes he's made in the last two years: "We're trying to make our product better. We're putting a better station on the air."

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Dustin said...

It is weird to see Chris Wragge as an anchor at WCBS because I remember him back in his days in Houston at KPRC doing sports...