Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rosenfield Discusses Israel Assignment

As was previously reported here, CBS 2 News anchor Jim Rosenfield is headed to Israel this weekend. He'll be covering the president's trip to the country.

Rosenfield tells NewsByte2 that this won't be his first visit to the country. Here he recounts his experiences reporting during the Gulf War from Tel Aviv:
That was a time of high anxiety for Israelis, subjected to threats and rocket attacks from Saddam Hussein. But the Israelis tried their best to carry on with their daily lives, despite repeated trips at all hours of the night into their sealed rooms during scud alerts. We had to learn how to don gas masks, and head quickly to a sealed floor of our hotel just as the Israelis did in their own homes. My last night there, one of the scuds did, in fact, hit a neighborhood in a suburb of Tel Aviv. I still remember an elderly man walking through the rubble of what was his apartment. He was a Holocaust survivor who had lived through Hitler's atrocities, but lost his home to Saddam Hussein.
Rosenfield says his focus is to talk with Israelis and Palestinians, especially those with ties to the tri-state area, and getting their reactions on Bush's visit. He will provide live reports on the 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. newscasts beginning Monday and continuing through Thursday night.

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