Friday, April 11, 2008

Megan Glaros Joins CBS 2's Weather Team

There have been rumors about this for the past month but it looks like it's official now: the Daily News reports that meteorologist Megan Glaros is joining the CBS 2's weather team. She comes from Miami where she served as WPLG-TV's morning meteorologist. She starts in May and will work either weekend mornings or weekend evenings (both of which are slots that had been filled by Elise Finch since last December).

According to Glaros' WPLG bio, she began her career in television in Parkerburg, WV but, after five months, she decided that the town was too small for her. She then joined Baltimore's NewsCentral and provided forecasts for up to four cities a night. She's been with WPLG since September 2004, has filled in on "Good Morning America" many times and earned her AMS Seal of Approval in November 2006.


Anonymous said...

Megan is a stone-cold babe. She leaves us here in South Florida, where she was the hottest newscaster on the air three straight years.

Get a good look at her New York...because she is goin' network very soon.

Soccer Mom said...

Thank God she's gone from South Florida...she has goofy facial expressions and she makes goofy borderline dumb's all looks, kinda like the blonde joke thing