Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Expect More"

Beginning Thursday, the first day of the May 2013 sweeps period, CBS 2 began airing promos with the mysterious tagline of "Expect More." Notably, a new logo is used -- or at least a modified logo where the "2" has been turned gold but the CBS eye and the "NEWS" remain white/gray.

A five-second ID promoting the 5:00 and 11:00 weeknight newscasts.
In two 15-second spots, various scenes that appear to have been purchased from stock photography are accompanied by words that seem to tie in to the main tagline.

Another five-second ID for the weather team and Mobile Weather Lab with the same slogan.  This is the first time the station has chosen to put the Facebook and Twitter handles on the bottom of the screen instead of the website, much like NBC 4 has been doing.  Interestingly, CBS 2 uses the wrong Twitter logo -- it's actually their icon from two logos ago (see Twitter's logo guide here).

CBS 2 has been using the same graphics look for three years.  It began using this version of the "2" next to a shorter gold eye in May 1997 when "2 News" became "News 2" and "More News in Less Time, Every Time" became the slogan.  Less than nine months later, that slogan was dumped but the basic eye-2 logo stayed the same until January 2003 when the eye became white.  Now it appears that gold is being reintroduced to the logo.

CBS 2 has generally been very clean when unveiling new logos in that two versions rarely appear on the air at the same time for very long.  The 1997 look debuted in promos just hours before the Sunday, May 11th 11 p.m. launch.  In January 2003, the new look debuted in an 11 p.m. promo the weekend before the Monday morning launch.  Perhaps the worst instance was from January until April 2000 when a new rectangle logo appeared in promos and opens but the "slanted" logo remained during newscasts.

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