Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Morrison's Darien Times Tirade

Former CBS 2 morning and noon anchor Rob Morrison, who left the station in February after being accused of trying to choke his wife Ashley, is back in the news today after being verbally abusive toward his hometown newspaper.

The Darien Times reports Morrison called them to complain about wrong facts about the paper reported that he was due in court today.
In Morrison’s heated tirade, he repeatedly stated The Times’ sources “sucked.”

“Your sources suck in the Stamford Court, and the Darien Times — I know this is big time for ya, OK, but your sources suck, brother,” Morrison said.

The Times asked if the court is what Morrison was referring to, since the clerk is part of the court.

“The clerk is your source? [The state’s attorney] you fu***** idiot,” he said. “F*** the clerk.”
(Thanks to Doug for sending in the link.)

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