Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Graphics and Enforcer Music Debut

CBS 2 debuted a new graphics look as well as a new Enforcer theme tonight.

Here's the open: "Live from the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City, this is CBS 2 News at 11."

This post will be updated with more video shortly...

Here's a promo for CBS 2 News This Morning, which includes a morning version of the new Enforcer theme:

Here's a Twitter promo:

Stay tuned for a montage in a few minutes...


The microphone flag has been updated. (The other two sides of the cube likely have the WLNY 10/55 logo.)


Here's a montage of tonight's broadcast, including the open, teases, weather and close:

Some notes:

1. The bug uses the correct Twitter bird icon (as does the promo above). The long outdated "t" icon was seen in last week's leak and had been appearing in promos for months.

2. Also about the bug, most of it (the time, temperature and logo, leaving only the social media/website line -- which is still very distracting) disappears during the seven-day forecast because it would otherwise cover up parts of the fifth and seventh days. This leaves the screen logo-less as it does not otherwise appear on the weather graphics.

3. For the first time since April 2006, CBS 2 is using new weather icons (sun, clouds, etc.). (The leak showed the previous icon set still in use.) The Titan radar/satellite map has been renamed Vortex. The seven-day still shows days six and seven on top of each other (which started as a five-day forecast with a "Plus 2" bonus even before the station went HD in 2007 but now seems to be out of place).

4. Team logos were not used in the sports score lower-thirds tonight, though they were seen in the leak.

5. Nearly all mentions of "high definition" have finally been removed.  It's no longer announced in the open and the logo no longer has the "HD" letters growing out of it. But the closing voiceover still says, "You've been watching CBS 2 News in high definition," the same that's been used since the April 2007 HD launch.

NewsByte2 will have more video from other newscasts tomorrow. We're also waiting to see how WLNY will implement the new look.

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