Monday, September 23, 2013

New Graphics Make Morning Debut

This morning starting at 4:30 brought us another look at CBS 2's new graphics and a the new Enforcer's morning cuts.  A video montage is in the process of uploading and will be added to this post shortly.

Some notes:

1. The wording in the opening is changed a bit: "Live from Studio 46, this is CBS 2 News This Morning." Last night, it was: "Live from the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City, this is CBS 2 News at 11."

2. The social media and website portion of the logo bug did not appear for the first two blocks (approximately 20 minutes) this morning.

3. The ticker was originally in sentence caps, meaning that most of the letters were lowercase, until a few minutes into the third block when the text became all capital letters.

4. The WCBS Newsradio 880 logo does not appear in the ticker anymore, making the "Traffic and Weather Together on the 8's" mention seem out of place.

5. The old morning theme was used a bunch of times today, including as a bed during top stories recaps as well as for local cut-ins during CBS This Morning.

6. The old logo has pretty much been wiped from CBS 2's air, except for in a few small spots.  The cups used by Chris Wragge and Mary Calvi still show the "CBS 2 HD" logo and it can also be seen in the close, which is a promo for the "YourDay" mobile app. The desk still has the same CBS 2 logo inside a box, which has been used since the studio debuted nearly two years ago, but still does not directly match the new look.

7. There does not seem to have been an update to WLNY's "The Couch" presentation, which used a look very different from the regular graphics.  WLNY's next newscast is tonight at 9:00 and that newscast's graphics have been more in line with the CBS 2 look (though maintaining its own style).

8. These graphics have also debuted on KYW in Philadelphia and KCBS in Los Angeles. KYW has already added the new gold-3 logo to the top of  KCBS's logo already had a gold 2 in their logo. (WCBS's gold 2 has not been added to yet but it's possible that it'll stay all blue as they're using an all-blue WLNY logo as well.)  It looks like the other CBS O&Os will eventually get the upgrade.

9. The previous theme is being used in teases for the noon news again this morning. Also, Dana Tyler is doing the teases. (The noon newscast is usually anchored by Chris Wragge and Dana Tyler.)

Here's the video:

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