Wednesday, April 25, 2001

CBS 2 First News @ 4:00

Wednesday, 4/25/01, 7:15pm CBS 2 First News @ 4:00
"CBS 2 First News @ 4:00" premiered this afternoon. The opening was the usual type of opening: "You're watching the CBS 2 Information Network... Live from Fifth Avenue, this is CBS 2 First News at Four." There were some "Information Network noises" (I don't know how else to describe them) in the beginning, and the "Now" was once again gone (just like it was at noon).

After the opening, Dana Tyler and Ernie Anastos checked the top stories for a minute or two (similar to The News This Morning), and then Ira Joe Fisher did the weather. The new outcue for the show is "I'm (reporter's name), First News at Four." There were a few interviews with newsmakers and celebrities. At 4:15 and 4:42, Cindy Hsu did a news update (about one to one and a half minutes long), using the CBS 2 Information Network partners (today: The Daily News, VH1, CourtTV, CBS HealthWatch, and CBS MarketWatch). Dr. Emily Senay from CBS News was on the show today and will be a regular guest on CBS 2 First News @ 4:00. Robyn Carter did her CBS 2/ Entertainment Report at 4:24, and at 4:30 CBS 2 rejoined First News @ 4:00 with the opening again. Tony Tantillo had his Fresh Grocer report at 4:37, then Ira Joe Fisher did the "Tomorrow's Daily News Today In New York" segment. At 4:51 Angela Rae previewed "The News at 5:00". At the end of the show, Ernie Anastos and Dana Tyler recapped the show, and then the show ended at 4:57. Other than Todd McDermott, one person was missing from today's show. It was Heather O'Rourke, who did the Metro Traffic report at 5:33. It looks as if she will no longer do traffic reports at 4:00.

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