Tuesday, April 24, 2001

More on "First News at Four"

At the end of the last "New York Live!" today, Dana Tyler called the new program starting tomorrow "CBS 2 First News at Four". This is slightly different than what we reported earlier, "First at Four". Once again, the anchors will be Dana Tyler and Ernie Anastos. Currently, we don't know who will do the weather (It was Ira Joe Fisher, but it's possible that David Rogers will replace him at 4:00). This appears to be the only change taking place tomorrow, as promos are still running for Todd McDermott and Angela Rae tomorrow at 5:00.

Here's a look "Behind The Headlines" of the 4:00pm newscast on CBS 2:
-Monday, January 24, 2000: "NEWS 2 at 4:00" launched with Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark. It used old "2 News This Morning" music from 1996 and 1997.
-Thursday, April 27, 2000: All "NEWS 2" newscasts get new openings, graphics, and music. "NEWS 2 at 4:00" uses a slight variation of the new CBS 2 theme.
-Monday, October 30, 2000: As the "CBS 2 Information Network" is launched, "NEWS 2 at 4:00" is renamed "New York Live!" and gets a new opening, theme, and slightly modified graphics.
-Friday, December 22, 2000: Stephen Clark's last day at CBS 2.
-Tuesday, January 2, 2001: Todd McDermott officially joins "New York Live!" to anchor along with Dana Tyler.
-Tuesday, April 24, 2001: "New York Live" is canceled and will be replaced with "First News at Four" tomorrow.

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