Wednesday, April 25, 2001

CBS 2 News?

According to Kevin, the opening at noon changed. The new wording is, "Live from Fifth Avenue, this is CBS 2 News at Noon." The old wording was "Now, live from Fifth Avenue, this is The News at Noon." This means that CBS 2 has changed their name from "The News" to "CBS 2 News"! No new logo in the opening. The first hint of the new name came in a special Nightcast promo where Angela Rae said "a CBS 2 News investigation." The name "CBS 2 News" has been used often in promos since October 30th, but the title of the newscast remained "The News" throughout the openings. Also, the new "CBS 2 First News @ 4:00" promos began airing last night (according to Brian), and they have a "Nightcast"-like background, and music similar to "Nightcast"! More to come later tonight!

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Erik Scott Stone said...

At The Time On Wednesday Afternoon, April 25, 2001, During WCBS-TV's The CBS 2 Information Network's CBS 2 News At Noon Video Open, WCBS-TV Announcer Bill Rafter, At The Time Said: "Live From 5th Avenue, This Is CBS 2 News At Noon."