Wednesday, July 11, 2001

CBS 2 InfoMail's First E-mail

This afternoon, just after 5:00, sent out the very first "Info Mail" newsletter. The newsletter is sent out in both text and HTML formats, so it looks like a website (with images and links). It started off with a preview of Nightcast, then information on the commute, and the closing numbers on Wall Street. It had David Rogers's five-day forecast, followed by links to five top stories, and ended with other website features (such as "Eat At Your Own Risk" and "Health Watch"). CBS 2 Info Mail is a great way to stay updated on the day's top stories without having to log onto websites, because it's all sent to you via e-mail. To receive the CBS 2 Info Mail, go to and click on the Info Mail banner near the top of the screen.

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