Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Cindy Hsu at the World Dragonboat Racing Championships

CBS 2 anchor Cindy Hsu will be competing in the World Dragonboat Racing Championships in Philadelphia tomorrow through Saturday. She recently wrote about it in her latest "Cindy in the City" column: "There's a group of women that has changed my life. A bunch of running, weight lifting, motivated ladies who have somehow turned the 'queen of couch potatoes' into a semi-active potato. Thanks to my team 'Women in Canoe', I'm now a dragon boat racer." She first got interested in Dragonboat racing last year, and joined her team shortly after. The New York Post had an article on Cindy and her new interest three weeks ago, and a few days later, CBS 2 reporter Amy Stone did a "Slice of Life" report on it. Good luck to Cindy Hsu and her Women in Canoe team!

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