Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Nightcast Zip Code

Michael and Kevin tell me that CBS 2 Nightcast started a new segment last night: "Nightcast Zip Code". In this new feature, the anchors read some information, like where the zip code is located, the population, and an average amount of mail delivered to that zip code daily. Last night the zip code that was featured was 10027 (Harlem). Hazel Sanchez did the "Nightcast Zip Code" report about Harlem last night (Harlem was picked because Former President Clinton moved into his new office space yesterday). To have your zip code featured on Nightcast, go to www.cbsnewyork.com for more information. Kevin and Michael also noticed that the "Nightcast Soapbox" has returned. Last night, Hazel Sanchez (who did both the Zip Code and Soapbox) was asking people for their reaction of Clinton moving into Harlem.

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