Saturday, September 8, 2001

CBS 2's Fall 2001 Promos

Yesterday, CBS 2 began to use new graphics for their syndicated shows's promos, such as "Crossing Over with John Edward". They were designed to match CBS's new Fall 2001 graphics. After the promo, they show a screen with the shows before and after it (for example, the "Crossing Over" promo shows "As The World Turns" at 2:00 before and "First News at 4:00" after). And today, CBS 2 began to air a new one-minute-long Fall 2001 promo for their newscasts and shows. The promos show the anchors in the new studio, the Information Center, Chopper 2, the reporters, the weather team, and clips from primetime shows. The wording went something like this (but not exactly): "It's the place you go to find out... (Lisa Hill: "Good morning everybody and welcome to CBS 2 News.") and the tri-state wants to know about. It's the people you can count on... C B S 2. It's the Information Network. All our sources work together in the Information Center. It's the place for laughter... every drama sends a shiver down your spine. It's all here, on CBS. It's all here, on CBS 2. News, sports, and weather, and entertainment all together... On CBS 2, New York! It's all here. (Angela Rae and Ernie Anastos: "It's all here!")" This promo appears to be a localized version of the CBS Fall 2001 campaign.

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