Saturday, September 1, 2001

CBS 2 News This Weekend/Weekend News

Today was the weekend newscast's first chance in Studio 43. Vince DeMentri was there along with Kirstin Cole, who was filling in for Amanda Grove. The open went like this: "You're watching CBS 2, home of the CBS 2 Information Network. Live from the CBS 2 Information Center in New York, this is CBS 2 Weekend News." The title the announcer said in the open, "CBS 2 Weekend News", did not correspond to the graphic on the bottom of the screen, which said "CBS 2 NEWS THIS WEEKEND". At 6:26, Gary Apple (who was reporting from the U.S. Tennis Open in Flushing) said, "Now back to you in Studio 43." Then Vince replied, "Studio 43... Feels good!"

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