Saturday, September 29, 2001

New Morning Newscast Title: "CBS 2 Morning News"?

Brian tells me that this afternoon on CBS 2 he spotted a new promo.
It's for 'The CBS 2 Morning News,' and it shows Lisa and Michael anchoring. The announcer mentions that they have excellent traffic and weather coverage. Then he says 'Watch Lisa Hill, Michael Pomeranz, and Janine D'Adamo on the CBS 2 Morning News,' while the shot of the three anchors from the other network/CBS 2 promo is shown. They also mentioned the extended coverage of "America Fights Back." I'm wondering if it was just a mistake, but I think they said 'CBS 2 Morning News' twice.
CBS 2 News This Morning's format was redone on August 27th, the same day the station moved into Studio 43. The morning newscast has has not used this format for the past two and a half weeks, due to the special coverage of "America Fights Back". Could their name be changing to "CBS 2 Morning News" on Monday, or was it a mistake in the promo? Stay tuned!

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