Saturday, January 5, 2002

First News at 4:30 Promo, More Questions Than Answers

According to Michael, a regular contributor to this website, a commercial for "CBS 2 First News @ 4:30" premiered last night during Nightcast.
It's similar to the old CBS 2 News This Morning promo with Lisa, Mike, and Janine. It begins describing the 4:30 newscast, a shot of Angela delivering breaking news, later a shot of Janine (new 4:30 meterologist) at the weather maps, and later a shot of Todd delivering a story about the war.
This seems to create more questions once again, as the new weather changes aren't supposed to take effect until January 14th. And last night in the 4:00 hour, a CBS 2 News This Morning promo ran, which includes Janine D'Adamo. While it would seem to be easier to make both changes at once, it is currently unknown as to if this will happen based on the press release and this new promo.

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