Monday, March 19, 2007

Berardelli: "The decision to leave was completely mine"

Jeff Berardelli told NewsByte2 today that it was his decision to leave WCBS for WFOR, despite rumors to the contrary:
The decision to leave was completely mine. I love NYC and this station. I am one of the lucky ones, to be able to live my dream! But now I am ready for the next challenge. I have a great opportunity to work at the best hurricane station in the nation, our sister CBS station WFOR. Lifestyle wise this will also be a great change. Fishing, boating, scuba, kayaking are all my passions and I will have the opportunity to live and work in paradise!
Berardelli appeared this morning but said yesterday on the air that this will be his last week.


Anonymous said...

What will his position be?

Anonymous said...

He will bthe morning meteorologist at WFOR in Miami.