Friday, March 23, 2007

Hsu Stays, Lyon Leaves and Lamberty to FOX 5

Richard Huff in the Daily News breaks a lot of CBS 2 News today:

Cindy Hsu was given a new contract and will remain on CBS 2. She was originally told that her contract would not be renewed and this was to be her last month with the station.

Kerri Lyon, whose assignment was generally the education beat, is leaving CBS 2 News to "pursuing other opportunities." She joined CBS 2 on Halloween 2002 after being at NY1.

Reid Lamberty, who left CBS 2 last week, will join FOX 5 as a reporter and weekend anchor on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

CBS 2 has finally made a good decision for once. I'm so glad that Cindy is staying, but now all they need to do is put her back at noon, and things will all of a sudden look much better.

Anonymous said...

Good for Reid Lamberty too... CBS 2's loss is Fox 5's gain.

Bruce S said...

Kerri Lyon had a baby about 6 months ago. My guess is that she is leaving to become a full-time mother. My best wishes to her.

jersey girl said...

I saw Reid last night on 5. I hope he will be happy there. Good luck to both Reid and Kerri.