Sunday, October 7, 2007

Keefe Says Goodbye

CBS 2's weekend morning anchor Brendan Keefe signed off today.

In the last two minutes of the 8:00 hour this morning, Deborah Garcia said, "We have some sad news to report: Today is Brendan's last day here at WCBS. He is off to Cincinatti with his family... we're going to miss you."

Keefe then said his goodbye: "This is my last morning at WCBS and I wanted to say 'thank you,' for you have invited me into your home these last five years. New York is my home and I am leaving it, literally, for greener pastures with the blessings and support of the good people here at Channel 2. This is the greatest television station in the greatest city in the world and that is because of the people here. You are simply the best. Just know that, wherever I go, I will take you and New York with me in my heart because that's where you will always be. Thank you."

Elise Finch seemed disappointed because his statement was missing something. "He didn't end with a joke!" she said.

Garcia added a few more words. "We're going to miss you so much," she said. "You make three hours fly by... Cincinatti is a very lucky city and your station is very lucky to get you."

Keefe provided some insight into why he decided to make the move. "When you have a baby, it changes everything in the world, and I've got that little six-month-old boy at home. When you look into those eyes, suddenly you decide that maybe going to Iraq every other year isn't necessarily the assignment. So that's why the decision was made."

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